August 24, 2008

Grand Ole Opry

Nashville TN US

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drmarable133 says+7 Votes UP / DOWN
I attended this show with my daughter, who last year surprised me with tickets to Chris Cornell's show (in Nashville)for my 50th birthday. I had always wanted to see STP since my daughter and her friends were all big fans during her high school years, but never got the opportunity to see them live. At the time I wasn't aware that there was even going to be an opening band; but I will have to say that both myself and my daugher were pleasantly suprised - BRMC is probably about the best opening band I believe I've had the pleasure to see. Living in Nashville (after growing up in Southern California)doesn't give one much of an opportunity to attend a lot of concerts (unless you're a country music fan, and as I have told my family many times, when I start listening to country music, just go ahead and shoot me!) Anyway, I definitely will be buying a BRMC CD in the near future. Again, great job!!!!
Posted Thursday, September 4, 2008 am30 at 8:21am

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