June 23, 2004

Island Festival

Zagreb HR

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holyreverb, marinjo, nUC555, SHILJO, tdivic

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They were supposed to play in Zagreb with Lenny Kravitz, but he cancelled the show. So BRMC decided to play a free show in a smaller club (Mocvara)! It wasn't planned, it wasn't announced. The news spread by cell phones – people heard about it in the middle of the night and rushed to the club.
Now I'm not a BRMC fan (at least I wasn't until now) and I know only a couple of songs so I can't write the set list or comment much on the performance. But I really liked the show. Their sound is very simple but convincing. As people, they seem nice and cool.
What I liked the most was the end piece. I wish I knew the name of that song! It went on for a long time, repetitive, like a mantra. The drummer first played only the tambourine. Later he added bass drum. Later, snare. At the end, he played on the hi-hat and crash, striking them with the tambourine. The guitarists leaned over their instruments, in trance, sweat dripping off their chins. Then the taller guy gave his guitar to a technician to keep playing the chords and he himself took a tambourine. He closed his eyes and went down in the crowd and played and danced with them. It was quite a si

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