April 26, 2008

Liberty Hall

Lawrence KS US

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Mamaconan says+12 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show, great town, killer setlist � this may be our favorite show ever! (We were kind of soberish � think there�s a connection? God I hope not.) As much as I�d love a new BRMC release, I must admit that it was very cool to just enjoy nuggets from the catalog. (FYI, the setlist I grabbed after the show and uploaded here is not accurate at all.) While it was a little weird to not hear �Stop�, �Love Burns�, or �Spread Your Love�, we were more than compensated with a bit deeper dive featuring the excellent �Steal a Ride�, �In Like a Rose�, and �Suddenly�. The new songs are great, �20 Hours� has taken hold and still won�t let go. Also, stoked to hear �The Shows about to Begin�. There was a pretty funny scene when Robert knocked his mike stand over right as he started �Visions of Johanna�, he seemed in a jovial mood. In fact we commented that all three of them looked and sounded great. I�d say everybody is healthy and rested, contrary to previous reviews. And the strobe lights? Other than screwing up a couple of pix they didn�t bother me or the crowd � who, btw didn�t appear to know the music much at all but still seemed to be enjoying it. Though there was that tool who had to keep hollering during A Fine Way to Lose. Whatever, I suppose I was a young dumbass once too. Thank you BRMC!
Posted Monday, April 28, 2008 pm30 at 11:19pm
Cali says+3 Votes UP / DOWN
yeah they change around the setlist. they didnt play fault line and pete did fine way to lose after visions of johanna. there was a nice reprise or something at the end of show's about to begin--it was either after that song or after likes of you. the show was great but i couldnt hear rob vocals very well.
Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008 pm30 at 3:12pm

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