August 09, 2010

Liquid Room

Tokyo JP

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Everyone looked so excited before the door open. I saw quite lots of people bought the tickets at the door, they might saw the last night show at the Summer Sonic Festival and just decided to come out, I think. ;)
It was the only one headline show in Japan this time so I felt the band really concentrated playing and the audience also didn't want to miss a moment.
I think the setlist was a kind for the Japanese fans, 4 acoustic songs! which they've never done from the recent tour, in my knowledge though. (Or no piano songs cause they might not be able to bring the piano, there's only a keyboard...) I think the band know and like the audience in Japan are quiet during the acousitcs and listening to. Rob played close to the crowd, sweet. Pete often came to the front, the crowd loved that. Before they played "Punk Song" Rob introduced Leah, first time here with them, the audience gave her a big warm welcome. The extensions of "Six Barrel Shotgun" and "Spread Your Love" they looked happy to jam, the crowd enjoyed them of course. The end of "Shadow's Keeper" Rob got into the crowd with playing (not sure though I couldn't see him at all from where I stood) and then the last song "Open Invitation"...We all were listening to it so quiet, so beautiful...Just wished the tonight show could last forever...

Best highlight - Half-State (Amazing, especially at the end...Tears in my eyes!)


War Machine
Mama Taught Me Better
Red Eyes And Tears (w reprise)
Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Bad Blood
Ain't No Easy Way
Love Burns
Weapon Of Choice
Shade Of Blue
Whatever Happend To My Rock 'n Roll(Punk Song)

Visions Of Johanna (Rob acoustic)
Mercy (Rob acoustic)
Complicated Situation (Pete acoustic)
The Toll (Pete acoustic)
Shuffle Your Feet
Conscience Killer
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love
Shadow's Keeper
Open Invitation

We're all lucky to be there Rob did an acoustic set after the show. Actually I didn't expect it happened to be like that in Japan cause of the security things. Rob , you're awesome! :)

-Rob acoustic set after the show-
Sympathetic Noose
Dirty Old Town
I Am The Resurrection
The Line