May 28, 2005

Little Radio Warehouse

Los Angeles CA US

Love Burns
Spread Your Love
Six Barrel Shotgun
Red Eyes & Tears
Ha Ha High Babe
US Government
In Like The Rose
Punk Song

Complicated Situation
Aint No Easy Way
Shuffle Your Feet
Gospel Song

Members at this show:

David, liquidpeprmint, piwaket,


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The first gig back is always a tough one. So tonight was BRMC's return to the live scene and the worldwide debut of the new material they'd been working on for the past year.

Set in an industrial area of downtown LA, the Little Radio warehouse was surrounded by non-descript buildings which were probably packed during the week. However, on a this particular Saturday night, they were dead.

The only sign of life was a strip club and a 24 hour mexican diner. Since the strip club was out of food (I assume), mexican it was!

Several tacos later we head back to venue to hear the band blasting out Ain't No Easy Way during soundcheck.

They also run through Howl and Gospel and it was evident the band was re-energized by their break.

9pm rolls around and doors open. The crowd pile in and enjoy $2 beers upon entry. Local band, Giant Drag open the night and they put on a fantastic show.

10.30pm and Howl marks BRMC's return! For the next ninety minutes they play a collection of songs from their previous albums and end the night with 4 songs from the new album.

If anyone ever doubts the strength you inherit from being in a band, playing bass every night definitely builds up the muscle. How do I know? I was standing a few rows back, directly in front of Peter. I felt something hit my head. Somehow, Robert managed to throw a plectrum which struck me from a good 15 feet away. Only some TV judge could conclude whether or not he deliberately aimed for me. I don't know what the lawsuit will bring, but I do know for sure, that's power!

Since Howl is an incredibly complex album to play as a three-piece, a fourth member, Spike, is introduced on stage to help the band tackle the new material.

They close with Gospel Song and everyone leaves happy. The general consensus was that it was a great show. Goodbyes were said and the hot, sweaty Little Radio warehouse clears out. Welcome back BRMC!
Posted Wednesday, September 7, 2005 pm30 at 12:10pm

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