December 12, 2007

Mandela Hall

Belfast UK

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Apologies for taking so long to put this review up but I was waiting until I got my photos back and scanned and my new scanner set up. Sorry about that.

Anyway, what a night! As with last time, I was kinda nervous beforehand. I got one of those e-tickets and I had a camera with me and I was thinking "Will this ticket be OK? Will they take my camera off me?" Thankfully, though, my worries were unfounded as everything was all right. The boys played an utterly fantastic set that covered all four albums, as well as other stuff. I stayed at the front pretty much all night, except at the encore because before that, all the drunk blokes jumped around everywhere during Punk Song and caused a mad crush. I thought I'd be best not to risk that again, so I headed to the back for the last three songs. The setlist ran as follows (not 100% sure of the order, though; my brains are still fried even now!):

Weapon Of Choice
Rise Or Fall
All You Do Is Talk
666 Conducer
Ain't No Easy Way
Spread Your Love
Red Eyes & Tears (sexy as hell)
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (Rob was kneeling right at the edge of the stage for this one)
Devil's Waitin'
Need Some Air
Head Up High
American X
Six Barrel Shotgun
Punk Song

Took Out A Loan
The Show's About To Begin
Heart + Soul (great to hear that one again)

Highlights of the night for me were hanging out with Sunny and Gugul (it was great to meet the two of you and put faces to the names) and also - and I still can't believe it happened even now - meeting Pete at the start of the night! I'd just gone into the main hall after getting my drink at the downstairs bar and I saw him in the sound/light booth. After missing out on meeting Rob last time the guys were in town, I decided I wasn't making the same mistake twice. So I stood beside the booth for a minute gathering up the nerve, then leaned in and said "hi". We talked about Belfast, Christmas etc. and I asked Pete if he minded getting a picture taken. He was fine about it, so we went into the booth and got one of the sound guys to take the pic with my camera. After that we chatted for another minute, then I wished Pete a merry Christmas and left him alone. He was really lovely and my respect for him's gone up even more! (See my photo of the two of us.)

The maddest moment of the night was seeing Jarvis Cocker wandering around the place. No idea what he was doing in Belfast, though! Anyway, it was a top-class night and the memories'll warm me up on these cold winter nights.

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