November 03, 2005


Amsterdam NL

Complicated Situation
Fault Line
Devil's Waitin'
Shuffle Your Feet
Ain't No Easy Way
Love Burns
White Palms
Punk Song
As Sure As The Sun
Weight Of The World
Six Barrel Shotgun
Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
Sympathetic Noose

Spread Your Love
Gospel Song
The Line
Heart + Soul
Open Invitation

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IndiepoprockJesse says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Wow, it was a while, but the waiting was good.. The last gig BRMC played here (in the paradiso allmost 2 years ago), is one of my favourite shows ever and my second most psychedelic show ever (Hawkwind goes first). They started of with some great versions of songs from the new album, which sounded new and fresh again in my ears, really amazing! I could really feel now what was meant by these songs.. Overall the songs from the new album did great.. When the first 'rock n roll' song bursted in i though NOOOOOO, this is not going the right way, where's the wall of sound?! But when the second song came in I was happy again, it was just a matter of getting the levels right for the sound engineer. The show was not a very consistent space rock show, but more a mixture of old and new, and it worked out pretty good.. However the crowd went crazy with all the 'oldies' like spread your love, whatever happened to my rock n roll, six barrel shotgun and rifles.. Also good they played Sympathetic Noose, love that song.. So, overall a very good gig, but what's up with the hairdo Peter?!
Posted Friday, November 4, 2005 am30 at 4:37am
peetr says0 Votes UP / DOWN
black magic
white magic

The show was absolutely one of the best I ever attended. The guys played 2 1/4 hours, doing one great song after the other. They started out with Peter doing three Howl songs on his own: and he really took us(on his own). GREAT! Soulman. Coolest guy alive. And as for comments on his hairdo, shame on them ;) But the hairdo isn't the topic. The topic is that they kicked ass with a seldom dose of spirit ever witnessed in one show. Sincere, soulful and rocking! The distorsion version of sympathetic noose took one of the cakes!! (as there were so many.) How loosely they managed the old songs, but with great pleasure and dedication! love them! The setlist is one great success too I think 'cause it was well balanced.

i hope the guys get some of this website frequently because than they can see what imprint they make on one's soul. Thrilling.

will be around here as I'm certain they will keep it up all the good work in every way!

cheers Peetr
Posted Friday, November 4, 2005 am30 at 6:11am
drconga says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Whoa! What a gig. Definately one of the most sincere rockbands of these times. I enjoyed every minute of the show!
read somewhere that after ´Howl´ they are planning on creating another ´rock album´. But I think that the band still has a lot to discover in the Americana corner. Keep on following that road! (although the first two albums are very respectable as well...)

Thumbs of for the pre-show DJ selection of me in the right mood and sends me to the record store this weekend to pick up some of the stuff I´ve heard. See if I can find some of the early lomax-recordings...

Rock ´n Roll!

Posted Friday, November 4, 2005 am30 at 9:56am
Saskia says0 Votes UP / DOWN
It was the first time I saw BRMC perform live in my own country.
If it hadn't been for their show, I wouldn't have planned this trip... and if it hadn't been for this trip, I wouldn't have been able to fit in a job interview at the last minute... so I'd never have got the job offer I got this week! So, after 8 years in the UK I'm moving back to my own country. (Thanks, in a big way, to BRMC!!!)
This gig was the perfect way to celebrate - Peter's first three acoustic songs were very special, and I loved finally hearing 'Sympathetic Noose' played live - and also, to remind myself that leaving England doesn't mean an end to some fantastic concerts!
The screeching guitars were back and so were the drums at volume 11 or so, which made it hard to hear the vocals... which is my definition of the best possible BRMC gig!
Posted Friday, November 4, 2005 pm30 at 12:20pm
Julia says0 Votes UP / DOWN
That was a marvellous gig once again. The Melkweg is a great venue with a stunning atmosphere and really good acoustics. People were really into the new songs and everyone was enjoying themselves. The band was playing for almost two hours. Cheers for a wonderful evening...

Oh, and the support band Gliss were amazing as well.
Posted Sunday, November 6, 2005 am30 at 10:57am
kurtnovells says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Melkweg sold out. that was something different than two times Paradiso. It was crowded but we got a good show. I loved the Howl songs but the songs from BRMC like 'As sure as the sun' and 'rifles' where my personal favorites. It almost looked like it would become a disaster with Promise as Peter's guitarstrap swinged and his guitar fell, but he saved it in time to do his guitar part. Robert couldn't see it from his Piano so I wondered if he knew what was going on.

Pulling out Heart + Soul at the near end got my at a higher place for the third time (I did smoke some anyway but only if they would play Awake, Ha Ha High Babe or... Heart + Soul!) and the 'Open Invitation' with interuption made the thing complete!

I enjoyed it very much and finding out that Fabchannel had webcast going at the same time has got my fingers crossed for a deja vu!
Posted Monday, November 7, 2005 pm30 at 1:48pm
kojboj says0 Votes UP / DOWN
this show was fucking A to say the least. Devils Waiting, Rifles (!), etc, they played almost their entire catalogue it seemed. Those guys got skills. Hope they return to play in Holland soon as I will probably be unable to attend their gig in The Hague :(
Posted Tuesday, November 8, 2005 am30 at 7:49am