July 11, 2009

Mtv Gdansk Dwiga Muze Festival

Gdansk PL

Members at this show:

Paula, justyna,


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set had been pushed back to 11.30 pm, they were headlining, meant a longer slot for them also, 90 mins. which isn´t much on brmc-terms, but long-ish for a festival set, yay)

weapon of choice (a note robert played in the beginning made me think 'head up high' - that would have been sweet...)
ain´t no easy way
spread your love (so fab, everyone bouncing)
red eyes and tears (h.o.t.)
american x
six barrel shotgun
shuffle your feet
took out a loan
love burns
whatever happened to my r'n'r
heart and soul

pretty much a 'best of' which was to expect, but they seemed to enjoy themselves and played with all the verve and passion that we know and love them for. :)
personal highlights: 'rifles' and 'red eyes' and 'salvation' was absolutely magnifiscent! that one really felt like being in church or something. leah plays that so beautifully too.

sweet remark from rob, he said it was nice to be reminded how much fun playing live actually is. he flung his tambourine into the audience before 'love burns' and peter his hamonica during 'ain´t no easy way'.

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