December 10, 2010

O2 Academy

Bristol UK

Members at this show:

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Bristol was absolutely immense..... the band and crowd were completely on fire, it was such a good show. Sadly, I’ve slept 3 times & done a gig since then so I can’t remember much detail. I was stood this time in front of Peter, he was such a demon with that guitar, my good – you just watch him play bad blood – the tech work he does on the peddles/effects whilst playing various parts on the guitar are just blinding. This guy is a friggin’ genius.

Anyway, I remember spotting the piano in Bristol before they started – that was missing in Birmingham so I knew at least we were getting something different. That turned out to be Promise which Rob cocked up the first time, couldn’t remember the words – he stopped, then started again in double speed (without piano) until he remembered & carried on. That really endeared him to the audience who really appreciated seeing a different side to him.

Met some more people at Bristol too – first time I spoke with Arizona from this board, seen each other at plenty of shows in the past though – getting past that first hurdle of talking to others is weird, but that’s just me. Anyway, nice girl, *hello*!

Saw some old friends too :) you know who you are :D

Spoke to Both Peter & Rob after this show – Peter said the hospital confirmed the broken toe – still didn’t seem to want to elaborate on how exactly it happened though :P Peter was also asked by someone else about ‘pressure’ for the gig in London & what plans there were – he said not really pressure & he doesn’t want to make plans cos they always get f*cked up. Speaking to Rob, it was clearly he was far more focused on it & had some things up his sleeve though.... what that would turn out to be...? well, we’ll see. It actually reminded (and reassured) me of the last time I spoke to Michael Been, that was in Leamington Spa in April – I commented to him on how the crowd was (static but very appreciative) & remarked how it was similar to a previous show I’d seen – he replied saying they’ve done nearly 1000 shows – so, clearly they knew a long time ago that this 1000 thing was coming up.

Random thought – loads of crowd moving, squishing & moshing – my friend who was stood behind me in 2nd row peter’s side, ended up moving right across to the other side of the stage in front of Rob, that’s how much the crowd were into it.
Posted Monday, December 13, 2010 am31 at 9:29am

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