February 15, 2006

Pearl Street

Northampton MA US

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Sometimes I think a bands performance is only as good as what an audience brings to it. Lately I've been disappointed in lame audiences and the lack of energy generated by them. This particular show was slow to go, but eventually it kicked into higher gear. The opening bands (The Morning After Girls and Elfant) were alright- yes, a bit high on themselves and flamboyant making some of the catchy tunes feel more like guilty pleasures than solid songwriting. BRMC played more of their older songs which kept the audience moving and the band from wanting to leave...a symbiotic relationship of sorts! Despite the freshman gymnasium feel of the pearl street venue with it's laquered wood floors and watching practically most of the concert through someone elses LCD screen and wincing every time one fans camera flashed endlessly in poor Peter's face (notice most of my pics are dark!!!) the sound at Pearl Street is very rich and BRMC sounded great! Yikes, reading this makes it sound like a real downer and I'd have been better off staying home eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's listening to old Chaka Khan records (not that I own any!) But overall it was a good show and I had fun! Really, I did! Next time I'll be sure to see them in Boston again, sorry Northampton.
I would like to say thanks to the boys for a night out and thanks to the dedicated fans out there that make the concerts all that they can be.

Posted Saturday, February 25, 2006 pm28 at 5:03pm

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