October 02, 2008

Pepsi Rock Festival

Buenos Aires AR

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Soco says+35 Votes UP / DOWN
Well this was the third show our beloved band gave in Buenos Aires, and the shortest also. But not, in my opinion, the less important. Because the band played hard, with passion, and determined to rock the brains out of the small but enthusiatic crowd, made almost entirely out of hardcore NIN fans who were there holding their ground, waiting for their favorite band to show up. The atmosphere was festive, and the audience seemed to really enjoy the show, even when it wasn't what they were there to see, they clapped along and celebrated every song with claps and screams after they were finished. As for the small bunch of die-hard BRMC fans, we were extatic, jumping up and down during every chorus, and dancing (yeah, dancing!) during almost every song. We could enjoy ourselves a lot more than at the Quilmes rock, because of the nice NIN fans who were not bothered but amused by our behavior. As for the songs, I dont have a set list, but i can tell you the show started with 666 conducer, and the rest of the songs played (in no particular order since i don't remember it) were:
Took Out a Loan
American X
Red Eyes and Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Ain't no easy way out
Spread your love
Love Burns
Whatever Happened to my Rock n' Roll

Who i think deserves a special mention here is the new drummer, Leah. She played so hard i thought whe was gonna break. The girl is like a freakin machine, i tell you. And the sound resulting was explosive! I couldn't think of a better replacement for Nick, really.
To end, i have to say that I could only compare this to the Quilmes Rock, and never to the "La Trastienda" show, because we're talking festivals, not headliners. La Trastienda will remain, i believe, the best show we have ever seen, until they come back and blow our minds again.
Posted Friday, October 3, 2008 pm31 at 12:26pm
Loli84 says+15 Votes UP / DOWN

I�m argentinian andthis was the first time I saw the band live, and it was fantastic. The show was awesome, and the drummer did an amazing performance.. we all couldn�t believe it... she didn�t stop for a second. The best.

About the audience, I saw all around and we all loved the show, everybody was saying WOW(literally) and many people that never heard about them were surprised! Even me and my friends, we never thought it was going to be THAT good. Maybe that�s why we were all clapping (loud)at the end of every song, big respect guys.

Come back!
Posted Saturday, October 4, 2008 pm31 at 1:41pm
nadius says+58 Votes UP / DOWN

Ancient scientific practice and philosophical discipline, which had as an object of study, the praising of rotten nature to liberate it from its impurities by the art of fire.

There are several ways to talk about alchemy, but all of them lead in the same direction, the transformation from one state to another, elevation, metamorphosis towards purity.
Rock and Roll is a double edge knife, nowadays there�s an open gap after almost 50 years of history, where on one side there�s the �rockers� and on the other side the true �rock and rollers�, notice that under such a little word difference lays an iceberg of contradictions.
BRMC belongs to the second naming and are faithful battle soldiers and defenders of that name.
There are many ways to get our self inner demons out and put them into Rock.
But when there�s a creation that�s being produced, when something new and unique is born from the sweat and the strident guitars, then we no longer are mere witnesses in a show, we�re allies of the same force, part of a holy communion with Rock as a wavy banner.
Rock and Roll is, in the end, to those who still relieve in it, a way of life, a way of standing in front of the World, and above all, Liberation.
In a world where the Bushes and the McCains are fighting to spread the cake between them, it seems to be a noble road to sing out the atrocities and disconformities with a screaming voice. It seems right to seek unity in and peace in 4 and � min of the thunder of a bass, a guitar and a drum kit.
BRMC came back to Buenos Aires, October 2nd, to prove this and more, they came back to perform black magic, like ancient alchemists, they transformed a gig, a musical gathering, like Pepsi Music 2008, into holy ground, where Robert Levon Been�s electrifying bass, Hayes� mystic guitar sound, and Shapiro�s passionate drumming flew over the City of Buenos Aires Club, leaving everybody with open mouths and hearts.
With the same humbleness of true leaders and the strength of those who are true to themselves and to their pairs, BRMC didn�t gave a show, they gave an event, where people and band blend into one another becoming something else, they transformed into another state, another being.
They�ve done it once more.
Rock and roll needs more bands like this, who rise up to the occasion, to be able to survive.
BRMC sweat Rock and the Pepsi Stadium got too small for them, like pages and pages of history got too small to Hercules.
True alchemists never reveal their formula, they share it.

Posted Monday, October 6, 2008 pm31 at 4:14pm
wickedxeuz says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
perdon por no hacer la review en ingl�s, pero no estoy segura de que se entienda... no soy muy buena hablandolo.
Realmente, la primera vez que los escuche fue en este recital y tengo que decir que me ENCANTARON. estuvieron geniales... todo perfecto.
La proxima vez q vuelvan, ni voy a dudar en ir a verlos.
Posted Monday, October 20, 2008 pm31 at 3:30pm
Simplechord says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
First of all, I was one of those fans who went to see you guys, and not NIN. But I might say that both shows were simply ountstanding.
Even though BRMC's was shorter, it was classic. Full of those songs which are indispensable for a complete night. I mean, "Whatever happened..."; "Spread Your Love"; "Love Burns". And there was also the time for the new ones, "Berlin"; "Took Out A Loan", etc. Probably the ones that most of the crowd did recognize from those days spent on MTV.

Thumbs up for you guys. I'm a huge fan of you guys, so i'd better get my ass ready for the next show. God, i can't wait so much, so hurry up! hahahaha.

See you on stage!
Posted Monday, December 29, 2008 pm31 at 1:07pm
M4RK says+3 Votes UP / DOWN
Hello everybody !!! I�m new here , I attended to this fest to see NIN , and when I�ve heard them they blow my mind , they were simply amazing and then I started listening to them , really amazing muscicias !!!
Posted Sunday, April 12, 2009 pm30 at 8:47pm
bizarre223 says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
I listen to BRMC since this show, when I went to see NIN. I must say that it was the most wonderful way to knowing his music and i'm a big fan since then!!!! Excellent show by the greatest band of this decade.
Posted Monday, May 25, 2009 am31 at 10:51am

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