June 12, 2005


Glasgow UK

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firparkdosser says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Thought it was a cracking gig.

I was standing right in front of the mixing desk so it all sounded pretty great to me.

This was the second time I've caught BRMC live (the first time was at the Empire in Middlesbrough) and this gig just confirmed what I already knew- they are the best thing I've heard in a LONG time.

I can't remember the entire set list but I can remember that I didn't feel liek they'd left any of the favourites out. There wasn't as many of the new songs as I've seen on the other set list. There is one question that somebody else who was there might be able to answer though- what was the last song they played? I seem to remember it being introduced as Ain't No Easy Way but it was WAY longer than the album version. It was a bit like In My Time Of Dying by LZ the way it went on. It was fantastic and I really want to know what it was so that I can hear it again. Any ideas?

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2005 pm30 at 4:46pm

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