October 29, 2002

Rock City

Nottingham UK

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Discogod says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
This gig i wasn't really supposed to be at.... when this show was announced i was gonna be in Bulgaria so i didn't buy tickets. Then my trip got postponed & all of a sudden i could... unfortunately by this time the tickets had sold out - it was after all a special one off show for BRMC, supporting (unknown to my ears at the time) Queens Of The Stone Age as part of a Radio One week of gigs in Nottingham. This night itself was titled the Evening Session & went out later on radio.

By this time, i wasn't a 'huge' fan so i wasn't too annoyed. But i figured i might as well go down to the venue to see if i could get a ticket off a tout for a reasonable price..... could i? hell could i.... £50 i was quoted! So, i turned round & walked back down the road & round the corner. It was here that i was stopped in the street & some old(ish) guy asked 'you wanna see Black Rebel?',
'Yes' i replied, 'but i dont have a ticket & the touts are saying £50!!'
'well, i could get you in'
'huh? really?'
'yeah, i work the sound for the band'
'cool, that'd be great!'
'OK, come with me & i'll see what i can do'

So, this guy took me to the box office & told me to wait there. A few minutes later he came back & spoke to the girl on the box office & said 'this guy should be on my list, it's Michael Been'. So that's how i got in! A few days after the show I found out this chap was actually Roberts Dad... what a guy! He even remembered me at the next show in Liverpool the following December (2 months later).... he also remembered my t-shirt & mentioned it was lucky :P After all this, i realised that i had some zip-up top on at the gig in Nottingham with a BRMC shirt on underneath, thankfully the zip was down & so he managed to spot my t-shirt :)

Anyway, onto the show.... even at this time in my life i was worried about a moshing crowed, so I perched myself on some steps to the side of the mosh-pit. Great view, no-one stood in front of me. I waited there until Steve Lamacq came on stage & gave a rousing introduction to the band coming on stage - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. (i think from memory there may actually have been a couple more support acts who aren't memorable).

I actually wrote a review of the gig afterwards at the time on a forum, but it's since been wiped off cos of a new database. It had the setlist & everything, but unfortunately i dont remember what was played other than two new songs - We're All In Love (only previously played once or twice), and completely new song Six Barrel Shotgun.

BRMC certainly got a cracking reception & the crowd were really into it, but they were only on stage for about 45 minutes. I really enjoyed this show though, i know i got an amazing buzz off it, calling my friends who couldn't be there! Thankfully, they could listen to it on the radio, though the two new songs weren't played.

Queens came out aftewards & they were quality. Some people near me had talked to be during the wait & told me i was going to love QOTSA.. i really didn't know what to expect & then there was this bearded guy screaming through the first couple of songs.... I wasn't gonna be impressed if the rest of hte show was gonna be like this, but thankfully it wasn't. I soon started to really enjoy the show they put on, brilliant guitarists & some cracking tunes. What a night.
Posted Monday, June 4, 2007 am30 at 8:31am
jess says0 Votes UP / DOWN
I managed to get a drum skin and a signed drum stick at this gig - I am still so pleased and they decorate my room to this day..

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