November 15, 2005


Oslo NO

Complicated Situation
Fault Line
Devil's Waitin'
Shuffle Your Feet
Ain't No Easy Way
Love Burns
White Palms
Punk Song
As Sure As The Sun
Weight Of The World
Red Eyes And Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Still Suspicion
Sympathetic Noose

Spread Your Love
The Line
Heart + Soul
Open Invitation

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alioli says0 Votes UP / DOWN
On to the next night! An excellent show this too! The audience was much more into the music than the last concert here two years ago, and the more intimate venue of John Dee was much better! AND we did get the encore this time, including my “open invitation� fix! I did miss the company of the gang from Stockholm though... Sunny’s “stalker-school� was an excellent experience...! ;o) I did see a videocamera, and a person standing next to it looking like the guy from the top 20 show around here, I’ll have to keep my eye out for that.
Didn’t bring my own camera, since I thought they would be stricter here, which they really weren’t ... but it was quite dark, so don’t know how much would have come of them anyway. Maybe some of the other ones taking some will uploade?
Dave: thank you very much for the setlist :o* ! Sorry I didn’t hang around to find a bar with y’all, but I was asleep on my feet after a hard week of travelling, and felt a bit weird hanging around all by my lonesome waiting... (girls.. you really should have come!!) Next time I’ll make sure I get my rest first..!

Posted Friday, November 18, 2005 am30 at 6:13am
Monika says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Hey! We had a great time in Oslo and I hope you did too. I know you were tired, but I hope it's OK that we kept you up for a litle while. Wish you had stayed longer so we could show you more of beautiful Norway :) I have some pictures from the show. I can send them to Jeff if you want them. Hugs from the cute norwegian girls
Posted Saturday, December 3, 2005 am31 at 4:11am

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