June 21, 2004

Rockwave Festival

Athens GR

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I was expecting that since the very first time I heard the first BRMC album. So it was great that I would had the chance to see the band live. It was bad though because it was on a festival. That meant a really short set list. The heat and the sun were abyssal just as it can get during summer in Greece. I guess it had contributes in the short set list as well.

The band hit the stage at about 19.00 playing "Spread Your Love". Robert in a black shirt playing the bass, Peter with a black long (!!!!) sleeved T-shirt pouring sweat on his guitar and Nick who got rid off his black T immiedately -lucky he :) - giving his extra-saved energy on his drums.

They played songs mainly from their second LP but unfortunately for me they didn't played my favourite "In Like The Rose" no matter how hard I yelled demanding it, probably not hard enough, eh? :)

I don't know if with a bigger set I would have been satisfied but my intuition goes along with this verses:
We don't know where to stop
I try and I try but I can't get enough

I wait you guys again in Athens, Thessaloniki or wherever else...

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