February 27, 2006

Roxy Theatre

Atlanta GA US

Feel It Now
Fault Line
Restless Sinner
Shuffle Your Feet
Ain't No Easy Way
White Palms
Shade Of Blue
Ha Ha High Babe
US Government
Weight Of The World
Love Burns
Red Eyes And Tears
Sympathetic Noose
Gospel Song
Spread Your Love

Too Real
Devil's Waitin'
Heart + Soul
Open Invitation

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mitch says0 Votes UP / DOWN
BRMC played a great show tonight. It was quite different from the other ones i have seen on the tour, and sure things were a little looser than normal (robert and peter were both sick and losing their voices). What made it so great tonight though was the fact that even though they should not have played (robert said at one point the show almost did not happen) they gave it their all. There were songs played i have never heard live (or heard in a longtime). So, hearing such a setlist change was a real treat. Some of the different songs were too real (acoustic), ha ha high babe, us government (with peter yelling fuck the us government fuck the cia at the end), and one of my personal favorites, salvation. I hope the band gets well soon, but even when they are really sick they still amaze me. Also, you can buy the 6 song howl sessions at the shows for $8, so make sure you bring money for it (its fantastic).
Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006 am28 at 11:23am
razerbern says0 Votes UP / DOWN
What an excellent show. This was my first time seeing them, and it was quite a treat, despite both of them being sick. I enjoyed the acoustic opening with Peter performing "Faultline" immensely.

During their set, both kept apologizing for their voices, because they were fighting the flu and Robert said he had a fever, and they were thisclose to cancelling the show that night. Everyone clapped and cheered in appreciation for them still performing, even though I noticed Rob was a little miserable while he played his bass. I don't know if he was sweating because of his fever or from his performing. Peter apologized a few times when he sang with his acoustic guitar and his voice kept going out on him. One time he shook his head and said, "Sorry about that, that was shit." Still, the audience clapped and cheered. That song was "Devil's Waiting", by the way.

All and all, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kicked some serious ass. They gained more of my respect for being troopers even while being sick, and putting the loud back in rock n roll. My ears are still ringing.

Highlights for me: "Howl","Faultline","Stop","Ain't No Easy Way", and "Restless Sinner."

A friend of mine couldn't make the show, so I bought a tour shirt for him along with a couple of buttons and a sticker, which totalled over $50. Because of that, I got the Sessions CD for free. I highly recommend anyone to get this. Well worth it. You can get it for $8 at the show.
Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006 pm28 at 12:10pm
handsome_molly says0 Votes UP / DOWN
The Atlanta show was my very first time seeing BRMC.

They didn't let me down.

I was fortunate enough to be leaning right on the stage, which was awesome for me because I'm used to shows where there's a rail separating the crowd from the stage. It was unbelievable to be so close to the band.

Most of you have probably seen the band way more than I have so I won't describe the way they opened--which blew me away--or stuff like that, but it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. It was truly beautiful. Despite being sick, the guys rocked their hearts out and the crowd was grateful.

One thing I really loved was the attitude of the crowd. Some shows I've seen were musically amazing but it was ruined by people in the crowd being mean to each other, but here everybody around me was really cool.

After the show I was able to talk to Robert and Peter for a few minutes and tell them how much the show meant to me. They were so nice, especially considering that they were sick. I didn't want to pester them so I left before long.

I can't wait to see them again!
Posted Thursday, March 2, 2006 am31 at 10:55am
maryjane23 says0 Votes UP / DOWN
It was my first time seeing BRMC too, and it definitely won’t be the last time. We arrived at the Roxy around 8ish, and it wasn’t too crowded. I figured people would show up later. We got really good spots, right in the front. As soon as Elefant came on though, the Roxy started getting packed. Elefant put on a very amazing show, playing a few tracks off their new Cd.
Then, BRMC came on. The show opened up with a beautiful version of “feel it now�. I had no idea Robert and Peter were even sick, their voices sounded wonderful and the band put on SUCH a good show. I also loved the t-shirt designs, very creative stuffJ. I’m an even bigger fan of them now.

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