April 16, 2004

Roxy Theatre

Atlanta GA US

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April 16 was the night of my first BRMC concert and I am still in awe. Was the drive all the way from Nashville worth it? Definitely! We got to the Roxy around 8:30. There were very few people there so I was able to get a spot right in the front row. The Starlite Desperation came on around 9:00 and played for about 30 minutes. I liked their music but I found their lead singer annoying and obnoxious. A note to every other lead singer on the planet � do not start off a gig by asking what town you�re in. And please, don�t play guitar with your teeth. I�d heard a few songs by the Rapture and didn�t really like them but when I saw them perform, my opinion completely changed. The Rapture boys are excellent performers and musicians. Anyone who can rock that hard with a cowbell is cool in my book (MORE COWBELL!). The harmonies between the two singers were really good as well. Robert from BRMC played bass on �Open Up Your Heart,� which was very cool. Even my disco-hating brother-in-law liked the Rapture! But, I was there to see BRMC. After the Rapture�s set ended, the curtain closed and the roadies started setting up BRMC�s equipment. I spent that time talking to some nice people about Richard Ashcroft and various British bands until around 11:30 when the curtain opened. BRMC started their set off with a new song, which was excellent. I was right in front of Robert so I was on cloud 9. When he wasn�t singing, he would step out in front of the monitor speakers and play his bass to those of us in the front row. Robert Turner�s bass was literally in my face! He even stepped off the stage during one song and went pretty far back into the crowd. Everyone was reaching out to grab him and he even stumbled into my friend. BRMC played for about an hour and absolutely rocked the Roxy harder than it�s probably ever been rocked before. They came back for an encore which consisted of a beautiful rendition of �Complicated Situation� by Peter Hayes, his acoustic guitar, and his harmonica. Nick Jago and Robert joined him for one of my favorite songs, �Shuffle Your Feet.� BRMC then broke out into the great anthem �Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll.� I think the encore was supposed to end there but it seemed like Nick talked Rob and Pete into playing two more songs: another new one and �Love Burns.� That was definitely my best concert experience. I can�t wait for BRMC to come back to Atlanta or better yet � Nashville!

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