December 02, 2002

Sheperds Bush Empire

London UK

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nique says0 Votes UP / DOWN
The first BRMC gig for me that has changed my life !! ( I'm not exaggerating. )
I'd already loved the 1st album very much but actually didn't expect anything special from their live that's why I saw the show from upstairs !!! ( Unbelievable now... )
At that time they were still recording TTOOYO so they played quite a lot of new songs on stage. I usually don't get turned on such new materials at once but BRMC really blew my mind, especially Heart + Soul which they chose as the closing song. I've still never seen any other band who play their own new song at the very end of the show. BRMC had already shown off their confidence. Throughout the show, in contrast with us hot audience, the three looked calm and spoke very few between the songs. I can't remember which song but there was a moment where Peter stopped the other two playing suddenly and then restarted all over again. Cool...

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