August 07, 2010

Summer Sonic Festival Osaka

Osaka JP

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emi1223, fu-na, jokerhead, Lucky_Strike, miu, yudai

I didn't have a chance to see the BRMC show at a festival so wondered what they're going to play including songs from 'BTDT', kinda excited even I knew it would be a shorter than usual.
The Light off, streamed 'Baby Please Don't Leave Me', there's a big screen behind the stage and came up the Skull & Pistons BRMC logo and then 3 appeared on the stage...The crowd got loud.
The show started "Beat The Devil's Tattoo". They played the intro a bit different from it live which I've seen. 'Bad Blood' was as well. They always bring something new...I love that. They had only 1 hour to play so the set was almost fast upbeat songs, the crowd liked them very much and getting louder to the end, I was squashed at the first row. Before they played "Punk Song" someone yelled 'Rock 'n Roll!' Rob just laughed and thanked us for inviting the festival. At the end Pete threw a harmonica and Rob threw a plectrum, they all were smiling...It just made me happy!
My highlightes - Conscience Killer, 6 Barrel, Berlin and Punk Song


Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Love Burns
Mama Taught Me Better
Bad Blood
Red Eyes and Tears (no reprise)
Ain't No Easy Way
Conscience Killer
Six Barrel Shotgun
Weapon Of Choice
Whatever Happend To My Rock 'n Roll
Spread Your Love
Posted Thursday, August 12, 2010 am