September 05, 2003

The Casbah

San Diego CA US

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Last friday I drove some friends of mine to San Diego to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Casbah. We got there at 10:30, it was soo hot in there!! So many bro's with trucker hats...aaargh. Why does someone want to go to Old Navy or whatever store and buy one of these ugly things for $30 bucks is beyond me! I can deal with regular baseball caps but c'mon!
BRMC rocked. the few guys up front were kind enough to let me in front of them to sit on the stage to take photos. I made sure that I wasn't in their way, I just didn't think it was fair that they were probably waiting there up font for a few hours and my friends and I waltz in right before they come on... :)
The band is mesmerizing and the back lighting was fantastic for photos! The music is what you can space-out to or have sex, whatever! anyway.....
Right before they went on the local radio guy came on stage to give away an I-POD. He only asked for someone to show him some sort of birth control, no one said anything for the longest time.....I didn't want to grab the old condoms from my purse for fear of what that may look like....aaargh. I should have just did it. Then I was glad that I didn't because some girl got dissed for holding up her pills while some guy got the IPOD for saying he was celibate!! ha ha.
The next night was at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I drove up there alone and ran into some friends but mostly stayed by myself near the stage. The Warlocks opened and were really good. my friend sarah reminded me of when they played at this Long Beach house near pine ave. That was a cool party with tons of bands playing in this huge house.
BRMC seemed better than the night before, probably because it wasn't as hot and they had more room to move around. The new CD kicks ass! It's a must have people.

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