September 15, 2003

The Cotton Club

Atlanta GA US

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blg says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
This was not only my first BRMC show, but the first time I had heard any of BRMC's music. A friend I met online recommended that I go check out the show and he told me that since I was a fan of both Jane's Addiction and Jesus and Mary Chain that I'd probably have a good time.

I am very glad I decided to go. Despite the crappy acoustics at the Cotton Club, the show was fantastic and the next day I purchased both of BRMC's albums. I've also had the benefit of being able to listen to a recording of this show many times. Of the several times I've seen BRMC since, this show still ranks in my top 2 and as far as I'm concerned, Salvation->Heart+Soul is the perfect way to end a show.

Here was the setlist:

Six Barrel Shotgun
Red Eyes and Tears
US Government
Spread Your Love
In Like the Rose
Love Burns
Screaming Gun
White Palms
Rise Or Fall
We're All in Love
Goin' Under
Shade of Blue
Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n Roll

Heart + Soul

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