October 05, 2010

The Grey Eagle

Asheville NC US

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SourMash says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show last night; in fact, one of my favorites in a long time. The Grey Eagle was a perfect venue to house this band for a night; small and intimate, the sound had nowhere to go. It looked like we holed up in a barn somwhere in the country.

Thought the band looked to be in particular high energy, with Robert spending a lot of time in front of his microphone playing as close as possible to the crowd. There should be some video out there of a couple songs of this show, particularly Ain't No Easy Way which was likely the best version I've heard them play. Pete had some issues during Half State, where they had to stop the song, but they didn't let that slow them down a bit.

Anyways, very much worth the drive from Charlotte. Always worth any distance to see these guys.


War Machine
My Mama Taught Me Better
Red Eyes and Tears (w/reprise)
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Bad Blood
Ain't No Easy Way
Weapon of Choice
Annabel Lee
Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll?

Fine Way to Lose
The Toll
Half State
Screaming Gun
Conscience Killer
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love

Shadow's Keeper
Open Invitation

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