November 29, 2001

The Nick

Birmingham AL US

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alliezabu says0 Votes UP / DOWN
My first BMRC show. I didn't know what to expect. Hell I barely knew the songs. I was there on the sole recommendation of Noel Gallagher. My husband, boyfriend at the time, and I pulled into The Nick around 7:30, we were the only ones in the place other then BMRC playing pool. I know that now but didn't realize it at the time. My boyfriend kept saying I think thats the band, and I kept saying I can't believe how cheap these drinks are. Nick, the drummer sat up at the bar with us, drinking water, pissed off at one of the roadies for something or rather, but didn't say a word the whole time.
Around 9:00 the place started getting pretty busy. By the time BMRC went on around 11 the place was jumping. The cool thing about their set was they played extended jam versions of the songs. On some songs Peter would start a song off by having one note held down on the piano throughout the entire song. One of the many experimental things I love about this band. I don't remember the set list but I'm sure they played all of their songs off of BMRC.
I remember the drive home that night feeling how great it was to be excited about a new band out of the U.S. Lord knows there is some aweful crap being played out there, but finely I found something that I can really get into

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