December 09, 2007

The Old Market

Hove UK

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Geronimojonah says+18 Votes UP / DOWN
Despite those naughty girls best efforts to brain me with the free vodka shots i've survived to tell the tale of a great band at a great venue.
Amazing, effortlessly cool, rock'n' roll at its best and despite Roberts confusion during mercy and the dozy girl onstage doing the Strange hypno- trance -dance? the intimate crowd appeared to be lapping it up.
This was the first show of theirs where i decided to get up close to the stage and man, you really realise how hard they work to keep us so deliriously happy...especially nick... the guy drums his nuts off!
I paid 15 quid to get into the gig... the best 15 quid i've ever spent. Thats the thing about BRMC.. However much money, time and effort you put into getting to their shows they pay you back ten times over.
This was regretably the last show of the tour for me but as i woke up this morning in a strangers hotel room cuddling a kebab...maybe its for the best.
Outstanding...thanks Fellas!

Posted Monday, December 10, 2007 am31 at 6:39am
mayhew_matt says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
What a gig, BRMC sounded amazing and the venue was really good as well. Who was the support, 'cause they rocked my socks off?
Posted Monday, December 10, 2007 am31 at 7:59am
mayhew_matt says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
What a gig, BRMC sounded amazing and the venue was really good as well. Who was the support, 'cause they rocked my socks off?
Posted Monday, December 10, 2007 am31 at 9:39am
adzkemp says+3 Votes UP / DOWN
As always, the boys played their socks off and it was a fantastic little venue with great sound and lighting. I had to laugh at the 11.00pm curfew, when the main lights came on and the boys just kept playing through their encore. Great stuff, I hope they didn't cop a fine for that.
By the way, does anyone have a set list for Brighton? Cheers!
Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2007 am31 at 11:39am
THE_PiNCH says+6 Votes UP / DOWN
I was needlessly concerned about this gig... having met so many nice people in Cov, I thought the too-cool crowd would be out and possibly even heckly - I worried another great show might be marred by my hometown liggers...

not so, only a real attention grabbing hipster would hex a BRMC show and thankfully they weren't in attendance...

an older crowd, all with early commutes the next morning, thinned out nicely for those of us who were cherishing the generous two hours that the boys were giving... some gorgeous girls came out of the woodwork too - but the Warlocks' merch stall girl still put them all to shame (she's got to be with the band right? sigh)

my pal Joe and I are undecided as to what the song was Robert played solo or who it was by... Cash? Cohen? Guthrie even?

the lights coming on was funny, the venue is run by cuddly blue rinsers, it was obviously past someone's bedtime... but it was a cool choice of hall and yeah, intimate...

guess the band will be taking a break for a spell after 3 years on the road, so I just want to say thanks... for the great shows and the boost you've given the long dormant gigposter scene here in the UK

enjoy the rest of your shows and have a good well deserved rest


Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2007 pm31 at 3:15pm
bunnyben says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
it was mercy my mr been, himself.

does anyone have the setlist?
Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2007 am31 at 5:02am
Dvorak says+13 Votes UP / DOWN
the requestet setlist:

Weapon Of Choice
Rise or Fall
All you DO is Talk
666 Conducer
Aint No Easy Way
Spread Your Love
Red Eyes
Feel It Now
Devil's Waiting
Need Some Air
Head Up High
American X
Six Barell Shotgun
Punk Song

Took Out A Loan
Show about to Begin

Robert was once again (like the day before) a bit besides himself - at least that's what it seemed to me. Forgot the lyrics for Mercy twice, said he is tired of singing this shit, when performing Whatever happend and similar.

Windows was first time played live without bass - just like Promise in Berlin. Must be lucky, to have caught both those songs - as they do work extremely well even with just the threesome. (Though I still think it's a pity Spike isn't there at the moment/anymore.) And it was also the first time I heard Feel It Now live. Also very nice experience!

And yeah, I just can agree - Nick really amazed me that night - playing once more his ass off for us. (They all do obviously, but I sometimes feel Nick is a bit underrated). And I also agree on the Warlocks beeing great again. Really nice blokes.
And the crowd was nice. (So much more relaxed than in Cov! I felt like I'd just witnessed two shows in two very different countries.)
It was my last concert on this tour - and it was so well worth it!

BRMC - I love you.
Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2007 am31 at 8:02am

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