May 01, 2010


Copenhagen DK

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It was an okay gig, but found it a little disappointing. It was the 6th time I saw them live and I definitely preferred their last show here three years ago. We missed Nick, weren't impressed with the new drummer, no amazing input from her. The band seemed also quite detached - have heard them say more... Perhaps Peter had a bad day... Also: some more accoustic songs would have been great - Peter's highlights from Howl!! as well as some slower ones like Killing The Light, Am I Only or Feel It Now, which would have made the concert more special, showing both strong sides of the band.
Posted Wednesday, May 5, 2010 am31 at 5:12am

okkar says0 Votes UP / DOWN
The gig was the first live experience for me, and it didn't leave me disappointed. A song like Awake totally blew my mind and I didn't know that the song could be that great live.

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