April 28, 2010

Wulfrun Hall

Wolverhampton UK

Members at this show:

MacTickle, Mat Davies, Eskil,


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samkook25 says0 Votes UP / DOWN
This show was one of the best gigs I've ever been to.

At the start of the set, they started playing a poor quality opening to War Machine before laughing and saying "just f*&kin with ya". They then tore into War Machine at full volume and there was no looking back for the rest of the 2 hour set.

One of the highlights was Whatever Happened to my Rock N Roll where the crowd went mental.

For those that are interested, the set list was War Machine / Mama Taught Me Better / Red Eyes and Tears / Bad Blood / Beat The Devil's Tattoo / Love Burns / Ain't No Easy Way / Aya / Berlin / Weapon of Choice / Annabel Lee / Awake / Whatever Happened to my Rock N Roll (Punk Song) / Acoustic Break / River Styx / Shuffle Your Feet / Conscience Killer / Six Barrel Shotgun / Spread Your Love / Stop / Shadows Keeper / Open Invitation

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