Warning Sign

Your hands are coarse, your skin so pale
The body aches, but your soul will not fail
Don’t resist your welcomed on
The hardest thing is the one you count on
Light our way just to leave the past
you stand between and sheltered you
Time will take just to show that
there’s nothing more to take from me
No merry song will fade from your kiss
The mind keeps its count, but still it’s measured in this
And don’t let in what dulls the heart
The more you wage, the further we part
Wake from your sleep just you know that
I still remain and shelter you
Time stands so still just to feel the grip
and cast your will, your warning sign
Time it will take
Love it will fade
Touch still remains
And keeps you warm
Your foolish gift your withered love
The band played on but still your song was unsung
What proof is gained at temptations cost
The more you gave just rips your soul’s light apart
Wake from this sleep just you hear the words
you spoke to me, I’ll sing to you
Time stands too lose just to feel your reach
and lift your eyes, your warning sign