August 21, 2004

V Festival

Staffordshire UK

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janette says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Once I got myself away from the mosh pit..I had a great time...shame that they couldnt have been on soon as they came on it seemed they were going again...but thats the festivals for you....cram them all in. Check out the photos on the Tour Archive
Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2005 pm30 at 2:40pm
blackrebel says0 Votes UP / DOWN
was a bit strange - after seeing brmc in the dark so many times... to suddenly have them perform in the light was... well... crap, actually. I was at the front - was that moshy, I thought, though you just cant help but jump around to the tunes they played - a good set, just not a great setting for them.
Posted Friday, February 17, 2006 am28 at 10:17am

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