April 23, 2008

40 Watt

Athens GA US

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TheGrudge says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
666 Conducer
Ain�t No Easy Way
Weapon Of Choice
In Like The Rose
Rise Or Fall
Red Eyes And Tears
Heart And Soul
Fault Line
A Fine Way To Lose
Shuffle Your Feet
20 Hours
River Styx
Need Some Air
Six Barrel Shotgun
Whatever Happened To (My Rock �n� Roll)
Took Out A Loan
Still Alive
Spread Your Love
All You Do Is Talk

My 1st overseas gig for BRMC. A big thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome. Athens, GA you are AWESOME people. It was my first ever visit to the States. Great show, but suprised not to hear Howl or American X

Posted Wednesday, April 30, 2008 am30 at 10:37am
MountstuartMind says0 Votes UP / DOWN
I don't normally make the effort to go to Athens for a concert unless it's a band that I REALLY want to see. It's not that the 40 Watt Club is a bad venue, but Athens is a different vibe from Atlanta-- and I prefer the latter even though I live a tad closer to the former.

Case in point: it was [pre]exam week for some UGA students, so attendance at 40 Watt was a bit on the light side. Furthermore, my younger sister (a UGA student) was supposed to see this show with me, but she backed out at the last minute, citing "stress" and "exams" and "studying"-- things that never kept me from going to a concert. I still do not understand her logic.

I also do not understand why the ticket listed "Delta Spirit" as the opening band. ;-)

On the upside, it was nice to see BRMC in a small venue again. Since 2005 had I neither seen them in a small venue nor stood so close to the stage.

"666 Conducer" was an excellent way to begin the show; that song takes on a different life in a live setting versus the album recording. Great way to ease into what comes ahead.

They played "Awake", so I'll never have to see another BRMC concert ever again (just kidding). But that was the piss-my-pants moment for me.

Wic joined the band on bass for "Steal a Ride" (I think it was that song). Fitting, with him in his cowboy hat and poncho, with the C&W sound.

Kind of funny to hear the bow hit the floor as Peter dropped it after the intro to "All You Do is Talk." Pretty, ethereal, orchestral, CLUNK!

Robert broke two strings (they probably came unloosed-- I couldn't see exactly) during "Heart & Soul."

He played that Fender bass throughout. I love how Fender guitars sound (except Telecasters), don't get me wrong. But that tonal difference from the Gibson... it was weird. The songs didn't sound quite the same. Not bad, just different.

The sound was great, although nothing will top that perfect Roxy show last summer. Nothing.

The stobelights weren't that bothersome to me. But I'd had some beers, so maybe I didn't care. :-)

I got home at adfjkqruo'clock a.m. (sis wouldn't be able to handle it anyway, which reminds me why I go to shows ALONE). BRMC is always a good time, an event, a tradition.

Sidenote: Mike Mills of REM was there (erm, not at my house).

Posted Tuesday, May 6, 2008 pm31 at 3:55pm

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