April 24, 2008

Bijou Theatre

Knoxville TN US

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zenbum says-2 Votes UP / DOWN
CAn someone PLEASE get me a strobe light? I need more strobe light! More strobe lights! No I did not say cow bells, I said strobe light!!!

WTF was up with the lights, maybe it's just that I'm old, nah because there were others much younger than me who did not get it. We all felt we were being pelted by gamma rays. A strobe light should be used for a small effect, not 80% of the show.

The music of BRMC does not need any light show to get the crowd into the mood. If anything the lighting "effects" robbed the crowd of energy. It was so bad during one song that there was NO crowd reaction after the song. We all had our hands over our eyes.

If this is the band's decision to run the strobe like this, that's their call and their art. I don't get it, but if they do that's cool. If it is not the band's vision, they need to fire the punk ass guy running the lights or at least take away the strobe control from him and let the music stand on it's own merit.

Now that that is off my chest, here is the review of the band and the music.
The sound of both the Duke Spirit and BRMC was awesome! This was a small venue, but the levels and clarity of the sound was superb!

The show started with Peter coming out and performing two acoutic songs before the rest of the band came out a started the set with 666 conducer. These three songs were enough to get the hair on the back or your neck to stand up. The version of 666 conducer was far superior to the album version. Berlin was next and the song was good, but this was the first appearance of the strobe, it was cool during this song. Little did I know what was next.

The next few songs were a blur literally as the STROBE light assault began. The first song was Weapon of Choice and Robert seemed to have trouble getting the lyrics out. In fact Robert's stage appearance and singing floated somewhere between confused and intoxicated most of the evening. His vocals seemed thick tongued and several times rubbed his face as if it was numb. He also had a couple of battles with the mic stand trying to balance himself. If he was intoxicated it did not have a major effect his playing. He did drag some parts, but overall he was good but not outstanding.

Other hightlights of the show were Promise, All you do it Talk, Spread your love, and Fault Line. There were others but they were zapped out of my brain by constant barage of lights. Did I mention there were lots of strobe lights?

My suggestion to everyone is bring some shades to the show, really, reaaally dark shades. You might stumble leaving but at least you will not have an epileptic seizure.

The night was enjoyable and thanks to Peter for posing with my daughter for a picture after the show. You made her night.
Posted Friday, April 25, 2008 am30 at 7:08am
Brace says+9 Votes UP / DOWN
They were killer. The venue was great. A fantastic old theater. Really neat to see them play in a place where the Marx Brothers and Dizzy Gillespie , among other played. One of the neat things was Peter came out and did a couple of songs acoustic to start the show (I haven't seen him do that since Howl). He did "Grind My Bones" and "Restless Sinner".

They did the incredible " Likes of You". It crushes anything any band is out there doing now(in my humble opinion).

Robert did (acoustic, solo) what I think is a Bob Dylan song. The song seemed to be ten minutes long. It really showcased his attention to words and how he can make subtle changes in his delivery. It was great.

At the end they took some requests at this gig. I yelled "High/Low" several times and they played it!! Finally after all the gigs I've been too! I have never heard them do it live. It's such a great song.
After the gig we ran into Peter and I thanked him for the band doing it. He grinned and said, "That was you??"

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business but BRMC is THE hardest working band in Rock n Roll. Hands down. You just can't say enough good things about these guys.

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