June 14, 2008

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emily says+32 Votes UP / DOWN
I've been sitting here for what seems likes ages trying to find words to describe last night.. "Amazing" seems appropriate, but it was so much more than that. It was mindblowing from the second they pickud up their instruments till the moment they left the stage. Every song was oozing with power and passion. They just reach in a grab your soul and hold it in a firm grip throughout the gig.. I was so in the moment, i didnt even think as far as what the next song might be. These guys have the power to make you forget everything else than what is going on right in front of you.. All that matters is here and fucking now. BRMC is the only band that has the ability to make me forget about the existance of everything.
And then the "after gig" of Robert and then Peter on the street..it just couldn't possible have been a more perfect night.
Last night was about as close as ill ever get to heaven on earth.


666 Conducer
Weapon of Choice
Ain't No Easy Way
White Palms
Red Eyes And Tears
6 Barrel Shotgun
Heart & Soul
Fault Line
Mercy (on setlist but not performed)
A Fine Way To Loose (peter solo)
Sympathetic Noose (robert solo)
Shuffle Your Feet
River Styx
American X
Whatever Happened To My Rock and Roll

Took Out A Loan
Spread Your Love
Steal A Ride
All You Do Is Talk
Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 am30 at 5:28am
amelie says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
aww Emily your words are right. I just want to add that the new drummer is fine, she did great last night.
Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 am30 at 8:03am
jacktheripper says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
Emily i don't think that they play fault line during the show, but only in the subaway.

what a great show one more time!!And espacially the after show.We were very happy to talk, sing, play and laugh with them.

Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 am30 at 8:33am
nimrod_fr says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
Fault Line was on the set list but they didn't play it yesterday. It was a great show. A little messy. Leah did a great job !
Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 am30 at 8:40am
foxystoat says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Came over from the UK via Eurostar to see this gig, well impressed with the venue, cracking atmosphere, thought the support were bonkers and were very good, especially the motherf***** song!

As for BRMC, well, seen them several times and thought they were excellent last night, a good two hour gig two, and played my personal favourites.

Well done the the drummer, Leah Shapiro, seemlessly linked in with they guys, brilliant just brilliant!
Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008 am30 at 10:56am
Kirsty says+9 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show and start for the European Tour. I liked the way they put together the setlist - Heart & Soul in the middle of the show and a start with 666 conducer - very cool! It was amazing and yes, the new drummer fits very well. As for the "after gig" outside it was such a treat and very special. THANK YOU guys for another amazing night!
Posted Monday, June 16, 2008 am30 at 12:28am
blackheart says+11 Votes UP / DOWN
what a night !
the show was great ... but i prefered the acoustic performances.
Robert played lots of songs : 'Mercy, Rifles, Chelsea Hotel, Visions of Johanna, I Am The Resurection, Hattie Carrol, Not What You Wanted' and a special jam with this drunk man, it was funny and touching.

and then, Peter played in the tube station haha ! 'Long Black Veil, Cool Water' and a lot of other acoustic songs from "Howl". AND he played a new song just for us. it was the most beautiful but saddest song i've ever heard from Peter. it goes like this : "I came here to say goodbye" as i remember.
Posted Monday, June 16, 2008 am30 at 6:14am
madelien says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
More photos by me, and also those from my colleague, can be seen at http://wannabes.be/2008/06/18/the-experimental-tropic-blues-band-black-rebel-motorcycle-club/

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