June 06, 2008

Ink-n-iron Festivals

Long Beach CA US

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porcupiny says0 Votes UP / DOWN
The bands at Ink n' Iron that I wasn't planning to see ranged from interesting novelty acts (Chapel of Thieves, who sounded like Halloween music) to sort of good music (Jail Weddings, whose spastic singer Jodi likened to Morrissey). There was also a sort of hillbilly band with a banjo, autoharp, washboard, fiddle, etc. They were interesting, but I don't remember if they were any good.

The bands I'd planned on seeing at Ink N' Iron did not disappoint, even the Black Angels who I've seen more than I would actually expect to in the past year. I noticed when the Warlocks came on that a few of their songs sound kind of similar, for example "Zombie Like Lovers" sounds a lot like "Come Save Us" and they did play both songs. Also, I recorded video of a song that I thought would be "The Dope Feels Good," but ended up a different song.

The Black Angels played for about an hour, and managed to keep things interesting with different band members switching between bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards. I read in an OC Weekly review that they even had an electric sitar, but I didn't see it myself. I haven't heard the new Black Angels album Directions to See A Ghost, so I couldn't necessarily distinguish the new material from the old aside from the fact that I was more familiar with the older songs.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club closed the show and they were excellent, as usual. Robert was dancing around more than usual and Peter was being extra breathy during "666 Conducer," which they opened their set with. Nick wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary for him, though he wasn't wearing sunglasses. The strobe lights weren't that bad for this show, they actually seemed more noticeable during the Black Angels' set.

Some highlights of the show included older favorites like "Red Eyes and Tears" and "Love Burns" and near the start/middle of "Six Barrel Shotgun," Robert put his bass down and jumped off the stage. Then he moved towards the middle of the barrier for the photo pit and pulled it from about 6 feet away to right up against the stage. It was one of the coolest things I've seen Robert do in concert (and he does a lot of cool things).

The acoustic portion of the set featured Peter's version of "Cool Water" and his newer song "A Fine Way To Lose," which were both warmly received. Then Robert came out and played "Sympathetic Noose," which is always nice to hear. They continued their set up until "American X," when Peter announced the fire marshall was shutting them down early. Still, they managed to squeeze in a couple more songs, including "Steal A Ride" which was bittersweet as it was Wic's last official song with them.
Posted Monday, June 9, 2008 pm30 at 5:39pm
jeffadc says+8 Votes UP / DOWN
This was the fewest people I've seen BRMC play to. I didn't know what to expect, being part of a tatoo festival and all. Best move indeed was when Robert removed the barricade so everyone could get right up close to the stage. I was only a couple people back with plenty of elbow room. Sound was great and there weren't any issues (that I/we were aware of). I was afraid they'd play an abbreviated set but they brought the full force, transcending all albums:

BRMC: Love Burns, Red Eyes and Tears, Punk Song, As Sure As the Sun. Take Them On: Stop, Six Barrel Shotgun, Heart+Soul. Howl: Shuffle Your Feet, Howl, Ain't No Easy Way, Sympathetic Noose (acoustic). Baby 81: 666 Conducer, Berlin, Weapon of Choice, American X.

Peter's acoustic set included Hank Williams' Cool Water and was pukka. Totally passionate and rocked. Near the end Robert asked for requests and I yelled for Steal A Ride. He was down with it, saying "Fair enough, Steal A Ride", then, "Wait, I play guitar on this one" as he initally grabbed the bass. He started with the tambourine and threw it into the crowd. Sound was mint as I'd never heard it live before. Nick was especially good on the challenging beats of this one. They ended w/ Punk Song and it was a great conclusion for all the Fire Marshalls looking on as if they were gonna start kicking people out.

Afterwards I bumped into Robert as they were loading the truck. Totally a nice, chill guy, if not a little shy. I told him they rocked as usual and wished 'em luck in Europe. BRMC live always puts a smile on your face, it doesn't get much better than this.
Posted Monday, June 9, 2008 pm30 at 7:35pm
dharma69 says+11 Votes UP / DOWN
Sometimes a good review can be concise capsulations of the moment.

The moment = Ink & Iron 2008

-Sinister is as sinister does when the bass truly pops...more than usual (666 Conducer).

-It�s official: eyeglasses really do make a man look quite intelligent.

-It�s so wrong that every time I see Wic I have to resist the urge to yell, �Poncho Villa!�

-�Let the walls come down and there be no distance between you and my love.� Translation: Robert was just not feeling that crowd barrier. An official rock and roll moment for the books.

-I arrived with one tat; I left with same said tat.

-Get some rest, Peter. Seriously.


-All you have to do is ask and you, too, can hang from a beautiful �Sympathetic Noose�.

-Thank the ones who invited you...even if you don�t know who they are. It�s just common courtesy.

-How many mic stands do you go through, Robert?

-Play on, player...until the man shuts you down. Again.

-Now accepting donations to the BRMC Fire Marshall/Curfew Violation Fund.

-That chill you felt...that was the rush of �Cool Water�.

-A whole lot of bed head going on onstage. No complaints.

-You never miss your good thing until it�s gone�overseas.

-The music speaks louder than these guys will ever have to.

A little "Steal A Ride":

Physical proof of a good time:

A good time. Thank you, guys.
Posted Monday, June 9, 2008 pm30 at 9:56pm
Reviled_Verity says+27 Votes UP / DOWN
So, I know it's been mentioned, but here's how it went down from an in your face point of view.

Standing directly in front of Peter at the barricade my sis, our friend, and I are doing our damnedest to enjoy from afar. Six Barrel is a playin' and Robert sets down his instrument, sits on the edge of the stage, and coolly slides off. With eyes to the ground he calmly walks over, stops in front of us, and grabs our barrier. The cop to the side freaks out as one pull from Robert rocks the thing to it's edge nearly tipping it over. He starts tapping Robert on the shoulder (he may have shoved him a bit) who shoos him off (and he may have shoved a bit back) as he gives it another try, this time with our help as we all start to push. The cop, having no other alternative other than maybe dealing with a riot, starts to help pull as we stampede to the front. Robert safely makes it back on stage, they finish up the last bit of Six Barrel..then move into Heart + Soul. :0)

It doesn't get much better than that my friends.

Now, lets find away to fight the Fire Marshall.
Posted Monday, June 9, 2008 pm30 at 11:07pm
wonderwomanesqu says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
Thank you Jaymie for relaying the events as they really happened.

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