November 14, 2007


Oxford UK

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TheGrudge says+9 Votes UP / DOWN
Here's the Set List

Weapon Of Choice
Rise Or Fall
All You Do Is Talk
666 Conducer
Ain�t No Easy Way
Spread Your Love
Something For You
Shuffle Your Feet
Fault Line
Need Some Air
American X
Six Barrel Shotgun
What Ever Happened To My Rock �n� Roll

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2007 am30 at 1:51am
lizabeth says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Great night for me, despite the lousy curfew meaning it had to end to make way for loads of people dressed as tigers (second easiest club night in England at which to have random sex apparantly...or something like that).

Enjoyed Nine Black Alps for a bit, they're tight live, impressive for a support and the poppier songs which i knew a bit were great. Got a bit murky in a bad way towards the end though.

Coming between Barrowlands and London I suppose this could have been just another gig that had to be got through but they still played great. Nick didn't look like he felt too great but only missed one song (filled in by Robert jumping on the bass drum) before coming back and battling through. Plus seeing Sarabeth perform with them was a treat as I'd missed her earlier. Though I reckon she does the song better on her own. Loved watching Robert sat crossed legged and Spike singing along at the side while Peter played Faultline. Can't wait for the next time!

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