November 15, 2007


London UK

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ggyt says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Hi five to the guys
What a show! Fantastic.
Posted Friday, November 16, 2007 am30 at 12:53am
chris05 says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
What a gig, I think the best of the three I've been to this year. Well done guys.

I was standing right at the front, to the right by the speakers, and was expecting to just get a muffle of sound and be deaf for years to come, but the sound quality was actually incredible standing there.

Rock on!
Posted Friday, November 16, 2007 am30 at 2:59am
serenasundai says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
It was an amazing show last night. Them fingers were working overtime on the guitars, and it was just so cool to see bloody talented musicians do their thing. I need more!!!
Posted Friday, November 16, 2007 am30 at 6:10am
ashrin says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
fantastic show!!! i thought that Whatever Happened to my Rock n Roll would have been enough to end the show. but the encore just as amazing with robert going into the audience at the end. Good job, lads!
Posted Friday, November 16, 2007 am30 at 6:14am
boheme says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Amazing as always!

Immense set, they were on fire, was lucky enough to be right up at the front the whole time even if i am completely broken today. With every show i see it just gets better. The sound was fantastic last night.. wasn't a static cell in the building. Salvation turning into heart and soul was delicious, highlight was holding the mic when rob came into the audience! Will be sorry to see spike go, cool to see him play with them for the last time, thanks to him for grabbing us the list

Rock x
Posted Friday, November 16, 2007 am30 at 7:01am
Deelila says+18 Votes UP / DOWN
Oh boy was I looking forward to this show! Not only was i gonna be seeing one of my fave bands but i was gonna be seeing them in a venue i'd not visited since 1976!!! After meeting up with Kirsty and Natascha (two German BRMC forum members) at the worlds end pub (where they were sipping hot chocolate) I quickly downed my lager and we set off in the ffffffreezing cold for the gig. We spotted Robert as soon as we got into the cafe area...he was being interviewed for some mag or other and he said hi to all of us. There was already a queue outside, at 6pm, but it was too cold for me so i stayed inside. Eventually we got our tickets sorted and got in...oh WOW...they might have 'refurbished' the place but it STILL retains that psychedelic feel I recall from the old days!!

The evening got off to a good start with young Sarabeth Tucek playing her sweet and cool songs. Unfortunately the few people that were there at that point were too busy chatting loudly. Even moving right up to the front, there were still some ill-mannered morons who continued talking loudly throughout her set. I thought it was a lovely touch to ask Peter Hayes to come out and play guitar on her beautiful song "Something for You". Shame about the loudmouths in the audience.

During the interval I got chatting to a very nice young man who told me he would stay stood at the back (he was very tall) so as not to block anyone's view. I tell you, he was the ONLY considerate male i met that evening.

Nine Black Alps came on next and gave us a great lil set...full of energy and some good tunes. I was really impressed. The hall had filled up by this time and the crowd were really into their set.

I was stood at the back, by the sound booth, with Kirsty and the tall a sweet lil Swedish lady. We had an ok view, but when BRMC came on this seemed to be the signal for all the apes and twats to descend onto the tiny little space we had, and to block our views.

I can't remember the order of the setlist...but I can only remember HOW AMAZING the numbers from BABY81 sounded. I'm still getting fired up by the latest album, and LIVE, the songs are just fkng brilliant. It seems unfair to pick out just one number that was a highlight for me from that night, but SALVATION was awesome...just something else! And I don't think i ever heard them play HEART AND SOUL as well as they did that night. Spectacular.

It was a great gig, spoilt only by the cretins in the audience who kept lobbing pints of beer over the audience. What was the point? Why waste money? Next time, give me the money coz i could sure use it, you stupid morons. It seems each BRMC gig i go to, there are more and more yobs attending. Are they getting in for free?? I watched some shaggyhaired idiot, along with two japanese guys, lobbing pint after pint at the stage. And then laughing like mad. I wish security would just eject these people coz they spoil it for the rest of us who are there to hear the music.

I'm afraid I missed out on Robert's walk into the audience...maybe someone could post it onto our forum? But I just loved the last song of the had a great groove.

Once again BRMC delivered a fantastic show. It's always a privilege to meet them afterwards and have a chat and a laugh.

I'm very sorry to see Spike leave the band...he was a great addition...and a lovely guy.




Dolores (aka Deelila)

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