March 02, 2006

Culture Room

Fort Lauderdale FL US

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1o other members who went have nothing to say about that show last night?? are we shy? my first show and i was blown away. i had an incredible time. i couldnt take my eyes off the stage. i thought the whole band was really damn good. i ended up in front of peter and couldnt move. the howl cd is amazing. i wasnt surprised when i saw that t-bone had a little hand in there. he always has great taste in his choice of collaborations.
thank you guys.
Posted Friday, March 3, 2006 pm31 at 5:54pm
Ashe says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Amazing f*$%ing show!!! This one is gonna be tough to beat. It will definitely set the bar for any shows coming to South Florida for a while!
Had a great time and if you guys read this... I hope the cab ride back to Fort Lauderdale at 5am wasn't too rough.
Check this show out when it comes to your town. You won't regret it!
Posted Monday, March 6, 2006 pm31 at 2:16pm
arisavy says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Well it only took me over a year to write my review, but my anticipation of the upcoming two floriduh shows enticed me to jot down some memories. This was one of the two greatest "club shows" i have ever been to in my life(the other being frank black and the catholics at the factory). I went a fan of BRMC's early records, but left it an absolute junkie for the new tunes (howl). That record changed and even saved my life at times.
The crowd was friendly, no one was pushy, and i was able to position myslef directly in front of robert's set up. His energy and ability were astounding. He was so intense at times it seemed like he was mad at his bass, beating it with a beautiful sense of anger. The two most memorable moments for me were in like the rose and the final "hidden" track on howl (open invitation?). Watching peter dial in his trem/pan delay/rotary (whatever it was) until he found the right sound, then feeling the rest of the band come in on that gave me goosebumps. Finally, seeing them bring out the harmonium for open invitation was astounding. Not often rock bands understand the beauty and utility of all instruents. Refreshing to see a guitarist sit down and pump a harmonium/piano/trombone/etc. etc. etc. So thanks to BRMC, we don't get many great shows down here so to see them once was incredible and now, to get to see them just over a year later is amazing. Thanks again BRMC! I'll see you in lauderhell and whorelando. (can i bum a ride?)
PS-please play sympathetic noose!
Posted Tuesday, June 5, 2007 pm30 at 2:00pm

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