December 03, 2007


Madrid ES

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supers0nic says+10 Votes UP / DOWN
it was...just fookin amazing
Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2007 pm31 at 2:50pm
Siracusilla says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
¡The concert was great!
Absolutly amazing... I felt a lot of good energy and I hope to see you again... someday! Was so nice to meet Nick and Robert after the show... You have my support guys

Thanks for your music!!!!!!!
Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2007 pm31 at 3:13pm
e7ili says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
Genial concierto. Es difícil elegir los mejores momentos, pero me quedo con el comienzo de "What ever happened to my r´n´r", la brutal "American X", la magistral versión de "Hottie Carroll" de Dylan, "Head Up High" (una de mis preferidas), el trallazo final de "Heart & Soul", "Red eyes and tears", "Spread your love", "Howl"... Bestiales. Y la llamada "The show´s about to begin" tengo que conseguirla como sea. Jago se luce en esa canción, la verdad es que sabía que era buen batería pero me ha sorprendido con creces en este concierto.

The show was fuckin´amazing and I discovered how good Jago is at the drums!!!!!!
Posted Wednesday, December 5, 2007 am31 at 4:25am
VLA says+7 Votes UP / DOWN
I arrived at the Heineken shortly after the doors had opened and was welcomed by a swell surprise: the Warlocks were to open for BRMC this night. How cool was that!!
I was thrilled, as I'd never seen them perform live before. Let me tell you (if you haven't either): they are grand! They actually have two drumsets (and drummers - go figure) on stage and I quite liked the effect, to say the least. So far I had only seen two drummers on stage at a Foo Fighters concert, and they just used it for a sort of drum contest (which was fun, too, admittedly).
I can't tell you exactly what songs they played except for "Come save us".
(FYI: they will support BRMC on some of their UK shows, but they also told me later that they'll probably come back to Europe early next year, so keep your eyes open, it's worth it)

The place became more and more crowded, and while I don't know whether the show was actually sold out it sure looked like it. If I had to pick my night's favourite songs - but the whole night was a single supreme highlight, really - I would say "Spread your love", "Shuffle your feet" and then you can scold me uninventive for naming "American X" (for its pure ingenious energy) and "Six Barrel Shotgun" yet again.
The crowd was great and BRMC were spirited and full of their own incomparable fire. They played:

Took out a loan
Weapon of choice
Rise & Fall
666 Conducer
Love Burns
Ain't no easy way
Spread your love
Shade of Blue

then Robert played
Hattie Carroll (setlist said "Mercy"),

Pete came back to play Fault Line, but the crowd (God bless them, I was YEARNING for this song) asked for "Shuffle your feet", so he started to play this instead - Nick bustled back on stage and grabbed the tambourine and Robert came just in time for the chorus,
then Pete played
Fault Line and
Devil's waitin'

then the other two joined him for
Need some air
Head up High
American X and
Punk Song

They played but one encore (there was an early curfew):
The show's about to begin
Six Barrel Shotgun (extended killer version - I have concluded that it only comes in killer-version live..)
Red eyes and tears and
Heart & Soul

Some people cried in vain for "Salvation", and while I wholeheartedly agreed (I've last heard them play that one in 2003), sometimes a night like this is about as close as you can get to salvation.
Posted Wednesday, December 5, 2007 pm31 at 1:31pm
blackviolet says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
thank you guys for an amazing gig!!!
well worth the ride from portugal...
maybe next time you will come to portuguese lands.

Posted Friday, December 7, 2007 pm31 at 1:43pm
lelia says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
here my thoughts about this night...
We had to collect our tickets in the venue (of this way we saved a lot of money) so we arrived soon.. maybe too much coz the doors opened an hour later so my friend and myself went to have a coffee instead of waiting for there.. when finally we got our tickets, we tried to find the best place to see the show.. I can swear that we chose a great one!! ;-) there was a little balcony and some stairs very close to the stage.. I was there so I didn’t have people taller in front of me! It’s a great thing being short ;D
The true, I think that we didn’t have to wait too much to see The Warlocks (at least, time spent fast for me).. I have never seen them and I didn’t know them.. but I liked them! I can’t say much more.. sorry, I was too excited.. Maybe I missed more lights during their performance.. btw, it wasn’t obstacle to see to Peter on the sound!! It was a nice surprise... before THE concert sounded great songs.. I remember to listen to Sarabeth Tucek, The Black Angels.. and Grinderman!!
And finally.. they were there.. and it was amazing! I didn’t know how much I missed them until I saw them on the stage... you saw already the setlist.. what can I say?
I really loved when they played their ‘old’ songs..’Love Burns’, ‘Punk Song’, ‘Red Eyes and Tears’... in fact, there were quite ‘old’ fans there.. Robert & Peter smiled seeing the crowd jumping and singing them.. they were the most intense moments with difference... I was waiting to listen ‘Mercy’ (I love it!) but Robert performed ‘Hattie Carroll’ of a so beautiful way that... no complaints! ;-))
Well, I have complaints about some people.. I can’t understand how someone that enjoys a band goes to a concert to talk with his/her friends! I had to say something to some people behind me coz it was Peter singing ‘Suffle Your Feet’, ‘Fault Line’ and ‘Devil’s Waitin’ and they were talking loud and no paying attention..
Sorry but it was impossible don’t say them a word.. at first it seemed that it didn’t work but finally they talked (yes, still!) lower.. buff!
More songs to remember.. ‘Need Some Air’, ‘American X’, ‘Heart & Soul’, ‘Stop’, ‘Six Barrel Shotgun’(!).. too many to choose!
Like I said, it was an amazing concert where they played with a lot of energy in spite of looking tired.. yes, I know.. they played too many shows.. I love them for it!!

The negative things to the venue.. I think that it’s inadmissible to have us waiting for our jackets 1 hour(!!) after the concert and at the same time, to have closed the bar! I was completely ‘dry’.. it was a bitter thing to the end of the night..
But I was lucky that when I went out to the street finally.. the first person that I saw was to Mr Michael Been! I told him ‘bye’ with a little smile.. and he replied me of the same way.. I left to home with a smile on my face again and happy remembering whole night... Guys, you can take your deserved rest.. Come back when you want.. We will wait for you! ;-))

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