December 15, 2005

Hotel Cafe

Los Angeles CA US

Grind My Bones
Devil's Waitin'
US Government
Love Burns
Sympathetic Noose
Ain't No Easy Way
Shade of Blue
Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
Weight of the World
Shuffle Your Feet
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Restless Sinner
Too Real

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KevinK says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
The show was fantastic! They played a long set including some of my all time favorites. An acoustic version of Rifles... Mercy.. Robert did a Dylan cover (not sure which song). I took some video with Liane's camera and got some audio with mine.. unfortunately I was far in the back of the packed venue so I didn't get any good pictures. I'll post what I have tonight when I get home from work. The quality is likely crap.. hopefully someone will post some good pics and audio. I got a clear pic of the setlist which I'll post as well.

Afterwards we headed to the Vine Bar for the afterparty. Plucky (aka Jason, drummer from the Warlocks) played some amazing stuff - old Ride, Lush, some early Catherine Wheel. We met some more friends and drank far too much. I'm not sure if Nick had started DJing by the time we left... it was one of those nights where debating the guitar tone on BJM's Methodrone album became more important than paying attention to what was going on.

Posted Friday, December 16, 2005 am31 at 11:33am
porcupiny says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Hotel Cafe is a really nice intimate venue with a bar and small seating area in front. Peter and Robert were walking around a little before the show. At around 8:30 PM, Peter took the stage and played "Grind My Bones," the cool slide guitar b-side of "Ain't No Easy Way."

I saw Robert standing near by and he was standing right next to me during "Fault Line" (during which, Peter had a major sound problem) and "Devil's Waitin." Then, he went up on stage and joined Peter for the slowed down version of "US Government." Next, they played "Love Burns" with cool alternating lyrics between Peter and Robert. Here are some more highlights:

"Howl" always heartfelt and lovely with new lyrics.
"Sympathetic Noose" more like the album version also with new lyrics.
"Rifles" - a crowd favorite, Kevin recorded it on my digital camera.
"Ain't No Easy Way" the rabble rouser that got the party started!
"Shade of Blue" beautiful and just as I imagined it unplugged!
"Mercy" - the b-side to the upcoming "Weight of the World" single, a beautiful song with Peter playing some odd harp-like instrument
"Restless Sinner" - Peter mostly did this song solo, then Robert joined in on the chorus
"Too Real" - a gorgeous version of this song off the first album, one that they've played so well recently.

At the end of the set, Peter exited backstage while Robert stuck around to chat with fans. Me and Alexander took pictures with Robert, but unfortunately he's closing in eyes in both of them! The one that he might have had his eyes opens was blurry!

During the show there were plenty of smiles from Robert, though I couldn't see Peter from the far right side of the stage where I stood. I could occasionally see Peter's hair, nose, and the neck of his guitar.
Posted Friday, December 16, 2005 pm31 at 12:59pm
GhostOfJRock says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
This show was awesome! I was so happy to be up front with my beautiful girlfriend Adrienne. I took lots of pictures, and they turned out great.
I really enjoyed seeing the guys play acoustic versions of "Too Real" and "Rifles", as well as the foot-stompin' hand-clappin' "Ain't No Easy Way". Flash photography was not allowed, but I gotta tell ya, people were flashin' cameras the whole time. It was very hard to get Mr. Turner or Mr. Hayes to look up at the audience to take a picture, let alone, catch them with big smiles on their faces, but I took the perfect shots of these. I will post these on this site ASAP! Robert was even kind enough to let me take a picture with him after the show, and he was very patient and not stuck up at all like lots of musicians. This was the best acoustic show I have ever been too, and makes me appreciate their music more than ever before! They are very talented live as they have proven recently at the Henry Fonda Theatre, but for a band that so heavily relied on electronics on their past 2 albums to come out with such a powerful acoustic and harmonica album is simply magnificent!
Posted Saturday, December 17, 2005 pm31 at 5:59pm
icecreamman says+3 Votes UP / DOWN
Words by Vanessa Herzog

The Men in Black, otherwise known as Peter and Robert of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, played a very special intimate acoustic set at the Hotel Cafe on Thursday, December 15th. I went to the first of two shows that night, where the duo played about an hour and a half set. The pair, because of their many guitars, could barely fit on the matchbox size stage. Peter, the cheerier one, started out the set by himself and played a number of songs off of BRMC’s newest release, Howl. Robert, the not so cheery half of the duo, eventually joined Peter on stage for the remainder of the set. Robert said he had a cold, which might explain his lack of enthusiasm, which was quite the opposite of the eager crowd there to see them.

When the duo struck the first cord of “Ain’t No Easy Way” the crowd erupted with a spirited response. “Shuffle Your Feet” also got the audience moving and made me realize how much BRMC’s new album lends itself to an acoustic show. The guys threw in a Bob Dylan cover and closed the set with “an old song” that they said they’ve never done live before. It was amazing to see BRMC in such a tiny venue and overall, it was an extraordinary evening of music.

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