June 14, 2002

Hultsfred Festival

Hultsfred SE

Red Eyes And Tears
US Government
Spread Your Love
Love Burns
Screaming Gun
White Palms
Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (punk song)

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salvation says0 Votes UP / DOWN
I almost didn't make it to this show.

I prepared to make my way down to Hultsfred from Stockholm and assumed that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Oh, how I was wrong. My journey to the festival involved four different trains and five hours of my life. The last train was almost enough to make me give up. It's hard being a uni-lingual American in the heart of rural Sweden where the people manning train ticket lines only speak Swedish.

Then there were problems with getting into the festival itself.

The band wasn't having that great of a day either. Apparently, the bus lost a rear axle on the way to Hultsfred and had to get repaired while the show was occurring.

The bands that were playing were not that exciting in my opinion. I saw a bit of Sonic Youth, Ed Harcourt and Slayer (haha), but not much else.

That's not to say the experience wasn’t memorable though. Fun observations which were made during the day included seeing four girls peeing in a row in a field, walking on a path and seeing 11 used condoms scattered on the ground, and discovering that Robert was witness to an even more disgusting event as he had actually seen a girl taking a crap out in plain view.

This was the first time I had seen BRMC at a festival. It was definitely a different vibe from a normal gig. Obviously, the set is shorter, but also the way the sound carries is much different. I really do prefer venue sets to festivals. This goes for all bands, not just for BRMC. However, I think they carried it off well and deserved to be as high up on the bill as they were.

After they finished their set, I watched a bit of Spiritualized and then got ready to pack it in for the night. My favorite moment was sitting in a shuttle bus watching the sun "rise" at 2 in the morning. God bless the land of the midnight sun. It was magical.

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