September 11, 2011

Inner City Music Festival

Beijing China

Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Bad Blood
Love Burns
Weapon of Choice
Ain't No Easy Way
Red Eyes and Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)
Spread Your Love
Shadow's Keeper

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cell, fu-na

The autumn night in Beijing was a bit cold, a chill wind at the festival field but people were gathering and the crowd was getting bigger...Lots of people were waiting for seeing BRMC here in China, I just feel it! So excited how they're going to play for them.
Before the show when Pete came out on the stage for setting his equipment the audience already got excited. He gave them a small wave, made me a smile.
A big BRMC skull on the backdrop screen and the three shadows appeard...The first BRMC show in China has just started!
The audience was awesome. They're excited so much every each song and sang loudly. It's a kind of happy surprise to me.
Rob played tight and hard, sometimes on the edge of stage. He threw the crowd a red tamburin 'Ain't No Easy Way'.
Pete said "Thank you" (a few times in the show), "Hello" and "How are you?" in Chinese, the crowd just yelled.
From the end of 'Red Eyes', it wasn't a reprise version but they played non stop, started 'Six Barrel'and continued 'Punk Song' and 'Spred Your Love'...Just got high voltage!
When Pete said the last song 'Shadow's Keeper', everyone wished to play more and he said "We just have to come back then, yeah?' I felt the band really enjoyed playing in there.
The 1 hour show has just gone quickly, feeling it's like a dream but sure everyone in there has got great moments!

Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Bad Blood
Love Burns
Weapon Of Choice
Ain't No Easy Way
Red Eyes And Tears (no reprise)
Six Barrel Shotgun
Whatever Happend To My Rock 'n Roll (Punk Song)
Spread Your Love (no harmonica)
Shadow's Keeper

After the show I was hanging around in the feild area, there're also some fans still in there. Pete came out to the stage for waving them. I just shouted him "I'm going to Shanghai!" He smiled and gave me a thumb up. :)