August 05, 2008

Irving Plaza

New York City NY US

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bnice2me says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
Great Show!!!Then With The Acoustic Set outside!AMAZING!!!
Posted Friday, August 8, 2008 pm31 at 3:12pm
ColdCuts says+12 Votes UP / DOWN
Great 2.5 hour show! Except for the half-dozen assholes to my immediate right at the front who after drinking too much and smoking some weed were much more interested in shouting among themselves than listening to Peter's quiet solo numbers. They refused to be quiet even after myself and a few others around me insisted. Why do people like this go to shows, and on top of that, stick it out up front? The American X CD was sold out by the time I made it over to the merch table, which didn't help. I bought one of the Cross And Wings Biker tees and then headed outside to find Robert, just outside the tour bus, on the sidewalk beginning a mini solo acoustic set. This really lifted my spirits. Made my night, actually! I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play Mercy earlier, so I was over the moon when Robert finished for the night with Mercy, and in the rain no less! Too bad about the harmonica guy who insisted upon playing along. But, what're you gonna do? Afterwards, Robert even stuck around to sign stuff. I saw one of the aforementioned assholes get his setlist signed. I had Robert sign my ticket, as that's all I had besides my t-shirt. We exchanged a few kind words. He seemed genuinely warm, accommodating and patient with everybody. Really, really cool. Again, totally made my night! When I got home, I immediately logged on to the online store and got my American X CD and the Vintage Army Shirt too. Now, I can't wait 'til BRMC comes back! If anyone on here has the Irving Plaza setlist, please post! Thanks!
Posted Saturday, August 9, 2008 am31 at 10:55a

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