April 02, 2010


Montreal CA

War Machine
Mama Taught Me Better
Red Eyes and Tears
Bad Blood
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Love Burns
Weapon of Choice
Annabel Lee
Ain't No Easy Way
Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll (Punk Song)
Shuffle Your Feet
Conscience Killer
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love
Half State

666 Conducer
Shadow's Keeper
Open Invitation

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the show was great, but there was alot more,

i showed up at la tulipe around 14H, the venue was empty, except for peter hayes on stage with a few roadies, there was micheal been (robert's father) at the soundboard with 2 other guys at sound, libby, the merch girl was setting up the merch booth, i shyly approached peter, here now 3 years has gone by of me being a fan and talking about this band, now peter was right there, i excused myself about bothering him and said: excuse me for bothering you, but you have no idea how much a fan i am of your music, of you guys, of what do, you have no idea what it means to me to actually meet you, could i take a picture with you, he obliged, and even asked me if i needed extra tickets, the guy was so nice, i was ecstatic, i told him my gf wasn't gonna come 'cuz we got in an argument the nite before, so i put her name on a piece of paper and handed it to him, i then gave him a cd of my band, and told him that i ripped off a few brmc ideas on it, he smiled, i then sat around for 30 minutes and watched him get his guitar ready, i bought 2 t-shirts,

then i left to back home where i live 4 minutes away walking, grabbed my gf and went back to the venue, peter was sitting at the drums, then leah arrived, took a picture with her too and gave her a cd of mine too, chatted michael been for few minutes, they started half state just the two of them, then robert arrived for the i'm gonna catch them part, even the crew was into it, there was the crew + me + my gf, after it ended i couldn't help it and clapped, i'm sure they noticed but i couldn't help it, i mean i love that song, then they played it again, and jammed other stuff, it was great, i had a whole soundcheck to myself,

at 17H30 they were done, peter went out the back of the venue and i headed home, but i was itching to meet him again, so my gf + i headed out the back by the street and there he was smoking and sitting by himself, i asked him if i could sit with him for a few minutes and we talked a little, about the rigours of that tour, his voice ('cuz i'm a singer too), he asked me where i played with my band, then robert showed up, i also told him what a admirer i was, gave him a cd too and then told 'em it was really something and really meaningful to meet these gentlemen, that i admire them and look up to them and told 'em i appreciated that time to actually spend with them, then went home to get ready for the show,

i showed for the last 3 songs of alberta cross, and the crowd was really into it, rarely have i seen an opening act unknown get such a nice reaction, their before last song dedicated to brmc called rise from the shadows is excellent,

20H35 lights out, the moment has come: songlist in order:
war machine
mama taught me better
red eyes and tears
bad blood
beat the devil's tattoo
love burns
weapon of choice
annabel lee
ain't easy way out
whatever happened to my r'n'r
shuffle your feet
conscience killer
six barrel shotgun
spread your love
half-state (last song)
encores: 666 conducer
shadow's keeper
open invitation (both
singers together)

the show was terrific, the sound was awesome, the voices came out well and clear, it showed that these guys spent more than 3 hours honing their sound for that gig...robert is extremely theatrical and intense...peter seems as though the music is flowing thru him...the vibe in the crowd was zen and nice...u shoulda heard the cheers when berlin started (maybe i'm saying this 'cuz it's my favorite, but so is half-state now), there were many many awesome moments (mainly the whole show) but especially when robert broke a string during mercy, then he switched guitars and couldn't remember where he left, he made us all laugh with him, when he continued the song where he left off we all cheered him and it was very moving, i got goosebumps and i'm sure he did too,

after the show, my friends left for a another bar, and i was to join them later, i stuck around la tulipe around the bar area by myself, when the place was almost empty peter was wondering about and he came up to me, we talked more, about the show, he asked if i had had a good time, i said yes, and i asked him the same thing, then he said it was nice to meet me and left and i left, on my way to meet my gang i was thinking to myself that i should'a offered a drink, we mighta chatted more,

to all u fans, i'm sure u share my joy...to the brmc crew, you rock, you made it happen...to brmc, you have a fan for life, hope our paths will cross again,

brmc brought the sun with 'em and left it for us, it was our first sunny day of the year, and it's been sunny since.

Posted Tuesday, April 20, 2010 am30 at 4:50am

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