April 18, 2008

Mad Hatter Club

Covington KY US

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Set List:
1. The Likes Of You
2. Spread Your Love
3. Berlin
4. Ain�t No Easy Way
5. Weapon Of Choice
6. In Like The Rose
7. Red Eyes and Tears
8. Awake
9. 20 Hours
10. Going Under
11. Heart and Soul
12. A Fine Way To Lose
13. Fault Line
14. Visions of Johanna
15. Promise
16. Shuffle Your Feet
17. 666 Conducer
18. Need Some Air
19. River Styx
20. Six Barrel Shotgun
21. Punk Song
22. Took Out A Loan
23. Steal A Ride
24. All You Do Is Talk

Duke Spirit was the opening band. They are fantastic live. That singer has great stage presence. Damn. The friend who went with me was seriously impressed with them as well. They gained 2 new fans.

OK, let me just say that the sound at this venue was awful. I know it wasn�t the bands. It was just set up poorly for any kind of decent sound quality. I had a very hard time hearing the vocals on most of the songs (for both Duke Spirit and BRMC). The stage was maybe 12� off the floor and there was very little room. Nick was noticeably having difficulty getting to his drum set. The strobe lights, which I normally don�t mind were kind of painful. I think this was to due to the extremely low stage. On the plus side, the smaller venues like this are nice because they are more intimate. I like seeing their shows regardless. I think I�m just spoiled by seeing them in places that do their live shows justice.

I love the fact that they opened with Likes Of You. Actually, I really liked the entire set list at this show. They played many songs that I hadn�t heard live before. Going Under was an unexpected surprise. 20 Hours was lovely. It�s nice to see Awake being added in more often as well.

Rob added extra parts into Heart + Soul and Six Barrel Shotgun. He also added quite a bit to the end of Took out a Loan. I�m not sure if these are new songs budding out or originals expanding as they mature. Either way, it�s nice to see the progression, metamorphosis and rebirth. It�s like seeing a preview of what�s to come.

The new songs � Fine Way to Lose and River Styx, were exceptionally good. I can�t wait to see what else they come up with for the next album.

A big thanks to Wic for joining the guys on stage to play Steal A Ride. It made that song even better :-)

More than anything else, this show left me looking forward to their next release. This interim tour was a wonderful bonus, and not just for the opportunity to hear some new material and Baby 81 b-sides. Thanks guys!

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