April 19, 2008

The Dame

Lexington KY US

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wearhowse41 says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
For your listening pleasure,the entire acoustic show at CD Central can be heard at www.youaintnopicasso.com.
Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008 am30 at 9:39am
terrie22737 says+8 Votes UP / DOWN
Since there isn�t a separate listing for the in-store performance, I�ll include both reviews here.

CD Central In-Store Acoustic Set List:
1. Shuffle Your Feet
2. Love Burns
3. Complicated Situation
4. 666 Conducer
5. Mercy
6. A Fine Way To Lose
7. Fault Line
8. Clear Water
9. Sympathetic Noose
10. Ain�t No Easy Way

It was a chilly overcast afternoon in Lexington. The in-store performance was actually held in the small parking lot behind CD Central.

Duke Spirit played their set at 2pm, right before BRMC. They gave a very lively performance. It�s nice to see that they don�t have to be on a proper stage to exude that infectious energy of theirs.

Rob and Pete started playing a little after 3pm. Rob seemed a bit more pensive than usual that afternoon. I think that may have added just the right mood to Sympathetic Noose because it sounded perfect.

Love Burns is even more moving when they play it acoustic. It would be hard not to like that song anyway. A Fine Way to Lose is quite the heart-breaker, too. Clear Water was my favorite of the songs Pete did, though. It may be because I hadn�t heard it before. It�s truly a respectful cover of that Hank Williams song.

The overcast sky turned to rain as Rob was singing Mercy. Kudos to the CD Central employees, who immediately moved the covered tent from the food area over to shelter the guys while they were playing. Rob and Pete, considerate as always, invited as many members of the audience as they could fit under the tent to stay dry.

The Dame Set List:
1. 666 Conducer
2. Berlin
3. Ain�t No Easy Way
4. Weapon Of Choice
5. In Like The Rose
6. Red Eyes and Tears
7. Awake
8. Vision
9. Heart and Soul
10. A Fine Way To Lose
11. Fault Line
12. Weight Of The World
13. Shuffle Your Feet
14. Howl
15. The Show�s About to Begin
16. Need Some Air
17. River Styx
18. Six Barrel Shotgun
19. Punk Song
20. Took Out A Loan
21. Steal A Ride
22. Spread Your Love
23. All You Do Is Talk

Let me just say that I loved this venue. It was small, but with great sound. Also, this show sold out.

Duke Spirit gave yet another fine performance. I�d like to see what they can do when they headline a show.

This show opened with 666 Conducer. It has changed a bit since I first saw them perform it. It has more layers and depth now. Also, Pete has taken to whispering in certain parts, which works perfectly with the mood of the song.

Speaking of songs evolving, Rob has been adding to The Show�s About to Begin. I don�t think he�s done with it yet, but I like where it�s going.

Weight of the World was a nice treat.

Wic joined them on guitar during Steal a Ride. I�m glad that�s been added to the set list more often. They always look like they�re having such fun when they play this one.

I really loved this performance and venue. I just wish the crowd had shown the guys a little more respect. There were quite a few people talking during Pete�s acoustic songs. So noticeably, in fact, that Pete said something about it between songs. From the shows I�ve seen, he will usually just ignore it. There was also a fairly obnoxious fellow in a cowboy hat who was determined to push his way to the front, picking fights as he went. He calmed down eventually. I guess there�s always one in the crowd.

Still, this was a great show. I like the variety of songs they�ve been picking. The addition of a few of the lesser-heard b-sides has been a real treat. Well worth the extra travel to go to these shows. I�m really looking forward to their next release. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see you live a few more times before you hit the studio. We greatly appreciate it!
Posted Monday, May 26, 2008 pm31 at 4:19pm

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