June 17, 2005

Meltdown Festival

London UK

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Blues, brmcut, egg1999, elliecat, fu-na, moonzyn, pigletface, pilgrim, robbailey, sleepflower, Superstar, wendyl

Blues says-15 Votes UP / DOWN
As the priestess of punk/poetry held her torch high..
BRMC rocked it through...
Peter hunched over his guitar and harmonica like a Smoldering Vagabond...
As they played in near darkness in the lower quadrent of the Ballroom..
punters filed in to the 'free' gig
Even though I actually won tickets
And so what the water came in bottles (rob).. and the last added to the bill... who cares
for me it was the height of the Meltdown.. the youngsters of the affair bringing a cool spirit of the past
The Thames was afire that night, as the music rang in my ears on my journey home... Thank you for an amazing night
Posted Saturday, September 10, 2005 am30 at 10:30am

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