March 06, 2006


Houston TX US

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brita says-4 Votes UP / DOWN
I saw BRMC last night in Dallas. I couldn't believe how bad they SUCKED!
They Sucked, they sucked. Thank God for the opening band, atleast I saw one good show. I'm a fan of BRMC but not live. They sucked!
I made sure I spoke w/ others there and they agreed.

Posted Thursday, March 9, 2006 am31 at 7:17am
elstongunn says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
first BRMC show everrr: amazing. words can't express. there were harmonicas(my personal favorite), tambourines, trombones, harmonium(s) and then some. incredible. i don't know who could think otherwise. you can't be a fan of band's music but not appreciate their live performance.
talked to pete after the show and he was hella nice and took a polaroid with me and signed it.
can't wait to do it all over again.
niiice work, boys.
Posted Thursday, March 9, 2006 pm31 at 8:33pm
stephenf2h says+6 Votes UP / DOWN
posted a few photos from an after hour acoustic gig with peter at a bar i used to work at. also there where the morning after girls along with nick and spike. robert didn't come. the show at the meridian was amazing and the show at the proletariat was just as amazing. peter played alot of b sides and unreleased songs...screaming gun, at my door, grind my bones, the lonesome death of hatie carrol (dylan cover), down here and complicated situation(which wasn't played that night at the meridian) plus a few others. also the morning after girls played a few songs, one of which, a BJM cover and later martine (tmag) joined peter hayes for a few of the BRMC songs. as said robert was MIA, but nick and spike were there.

i have have seen BRMC 10 times and they have always been great. first time was with the dandy's in 1999 and the last in march 06. one or two show are missing from the houston list. the show at
EMOS (houston) before it shut down. anyway...for those of you that thought they sucked on certain shows...fuck off!!!
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2007 am30 at 4:01am

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