March 07, 2006

The Parish

Austin TX US

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secrets says0 Votes UP / DOWN
the show last night was everything I wanted it to be.I have seen this band many times in different places always by accident,not this time though.Because an album like this deserves homage I payed for a ticket and planned my night around the show.these guys really lay themselves bare for our entertainment.This sounds cliche but this show was not entertainment is was an exorcism.I don't remember what songs came first or what was in the encore..I couldn't tell you because I was lost and I don't think it's important.I don't remember what they said if they spoke at all to the audience.But I do recall the first song was a solo,just peter.It was so clean a crisp sounding you could hear every nuance of sound that came out of that boys mouth I felt jealous that he could sing like first thought ..'that's a voice that could make the angels cry'.I feel the same way about chrissie hynde. a voice so hoest it makes you want to cry.
They played whatever happened to my rock&roll and a docile and gentle crowd began practically body slaming.They played 'howl' and I saw the movie in my mind that this song has become a part of.There were always actors in it with faces I didn't recognize,but last night I saw them it was me and an old friend and the moment we lost each other and while I was in this world I realized that making peace with your demons is when redemption happens.I am saying this not to indulge but simply to demonsrate the power of a live show. I am pretty apathetic these days to live music,this is austin,tx and we are pretty spoiled when it comes to live music. it reminded me what a good rock show is supposed be.It was the kind of show that made you want to breath,live,fall in love,fuck,find salvation. I was drained.we live in unatural times my friends and the best therapy is to find a good rock show to loose yourself in,let your imagination run riot,exorcise some demons and black rebel motorcycle club can help you do that...and those are my thought's on the show at the parish in Austin,TX last night.
Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2006 pm31 at 3:37pm
jdawqs2 says0 Votes UP / DOWN
That show was one of the best in my history!! Im not going to get poetic or philosophic, as I am not a man of words and could hardly do justice to the euphoric moments the band was kind enough to give me. I felt a true connection to the crowd,band, and the sounds which followed.

ps. I can now die a happy man, and maybe even live as a happy man thank you brmc.
Posted Thursday, March 9, 2006 pm31 at 3:14pm

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