August 11, 2008

Mod Club

Toronto CA

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valygrrl says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Awesome show... Thanks guys for a great show and a great 'after party'

666 Conducer
Ain't No Easy Way
White Palms
In Like The Rose
Red Eyes
6 Barrel
Heart and Soul
The Absent
Fine Way to Loose
Chelsea Hotel
Sympathetic Noose
River Styx
Sure Like The Sun
American X
Punk Song
All You Do Is Talk
Took Out A Loan
Steal A Ride
Spread Your Love
Posted Monday, August 11, 2008 pm31 at 11:55pm
jeffintoronto says-7 Votes UP / DOWN
Let's start with the good:
*The guys gave it their all, as they always do
*A few real gems in the set, including some beautiful acoustic numbers

The bad:
*A crap venue, with crap sound
*Back to a poor mixing job on the board (the vocs were washed out very often). I know the venue stinks, but a good engineer should be able to make it sound at least decent. There were times when it was great, and times when it was terrible. All in all inconsistent on the mix.
*Too many inconsiderate idiots in the audience. Come on folks! They've been packing the Warehouse, which means 4/5 people that would have come to the show were shut out because the venue only holds 600. The least you could do is shut up and listen. That really bothered me, especially during the acoustic numbers (which rank at/near the top of my favourite BRMC material and covers).

The missing:
I was very surprised Peter did not play any of: Devil's Waiting, Fault Line, Restless Sinner, or Complicated Situation during the show.

Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008 am31 at 6:02am
reggie26 says+9 Votes UP / DOWN
regarding jefftoronto's review,

I have flown in for all the headline shows on this tour, as well as a few of the stp dates, and last nights show was the best sounding show i've been to yet...even better than irving plaza.

never been to mod club before, but was so impressed by the room, the lights the sound the band's performance, all of it.

i did notice that robert forget some lyrics on a few songs and mumbled through it and i couldnt hear what he was saying, but that had nothing to do with the sound.

spoke with a handful of people last night who were all blown away by how great it sounded.

kudos to brmc. thanks for another 2+ hour set and playing your hearts out for us.
Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008 am31 at 7:53am
pea says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
I danced, sang, and had a moment or two. What more can you ask for? Thanks again to the crowd - who always make rebel shows all the better.

Leah was impressive and entertaining as well. I hope she's on drums again the next time they come to town.

Nancy thanks for being so kind.

To the next T.O show!

Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008 pm31 at 12:15pm
jeezobel says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
Take a look at CBC's The Hour's quick review of last nights show with photos.

Btw, I too thought the sound was good at the Mod Club. It always has been. Its one of the best clubs in my mind, to see a show.
Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008 pm31 at 1:25pm
negative8ball says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
Just a general comment on Mod Club sound - by and large one of the best sounding venues in Toronto, IMHO, but the sound for BRMC was the worst I've heard there.

I get the impression from other reviews, though, that it may have depended on where you were standing... I also think the mix was being done onstage (judging by Robert's motions over his shoulder during his solo numbers), which may have something to do with it.

All in all, though, still a FANTASTIC show... as always.
Posted Wednesday, August 13, 2008 am31 at 5:27am
redblues says+9 Votes UP / DOWN
Negative8ball's right. Robert looked back over his shoulder in the guy's direction quite a few times.

I was by the speakers at the left of the stage in front of Robert, so I also had an amazing view of the mixer who was leaning on the board with his chin in his hand looking as though he were in a near-coma the entire time.

I wouldn't be able to tell whether the sound was horrible or not. From where I was standing, everything sounded fuzzy. But I can say that the mixer didn't seem to be doing much at all -- even after Robert's gesturing to him.

My only real qualm with the venue is that the bar runs all the way along the one side of the venue. During the acoustic numbers, all I could really hear was the loud clinking of pint glasses and drink orders being made. Oh --and the occasional, obnoxiously drunken "WOOOOOOOO!!!" At most other smaller venues in Toronto the bars are towards the back so the counter-chat doesn't take away from the show.

We had a fantastic time still -- fuzziness and all. The band fed off the audience's energy and vice versa. The friends I was with saw them in St. Louis in April and said the crowd there was spiritless in comparison.
Posted Wednesday, August 13, 2008 pm31 at 12:57pm
just_jane says+3 Votes UP / DOWN
In most venues the sound quality has much to do with where you're `standing, but especially with BRMC. If you're standing close to the stage on Peter's side, his amps are so loud and fuzzy they drown out the vocals and the other instruments, and this is even more true in the smaller rooms.

I was near the middle about halfway back and the sound was amazing....crystal clear.

Also, the "mixer" on stage was the person doing the bands' monitor they control what the band hears on stage and when the band gestures to him, he makes the corrections they're asking for. The sound man was up in the balcony next to the guy doing the lights.

This is a bewildering thread.
Posted Wednesday, August 13, 2008 pm31 at 2:39pm
sheila says+7 Votes UP / DOWN
The show was great but not as good as the last show when it comes to sound. I agree that the sound was off a little bit. The vocals were too quiet and Rob's bass was louder than anything else. But it was still better sound than the Phoenix gig.

The guys looked super happy though which was awesome and the new gal was pretty great as well. Peter honestly seemed more comfortable and there was a new swagger in his performance. It was nice to see the whole band smiling and having a laugh and I can't help but wonder if the dynamic has changed because Nick's not there. Whatever the case, they really fed off the crowd and it was nice to have rob hit me in the head with his bass again ;)

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