October 15, 2016


St. Paul, MN US

Death From Above 1979, Deap Vally

Bandung Hum
Beat the Devil's Tattoo
Let the Day Begin
Ain't No Easy Way
Cold Wind
Conscience Killer
In Like The Rose
Red Eyes and Tears
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love
Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)

Members at this show:

David, jodijay333, iamhugecereals, miyan9, dedeyez, geor0040, GothKitty333,


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2 comments on “Myth

  1. David on

    As a concert going aficionado in the land of 10,000 lakes, there’s no greater disappointment than hearing a band you love is playing Myth: it’s a great sounding room but the location is the worst. It’s pretty far out from the cities and probably the only time BRMC has played next door to a Toys ‘R Us. I got there early to formulate a plan for the evening. As part of the website relaunch, we wanted to shoot some epic slow-mo action footage to feature on the site so I walked the stage to determine the best location. We soon got distracted as an unfamiliar face appeared looking at the bounty of guitars. The guy picked up a vintage 64 acoustic, strummed it a bit, slung it over his shoulder, and started to walk out of the venue. Robert scurried after him and asked what he was doing. The stranger informed us that he’d been asked to help with load-out. For those unfamiliar with touring lingo, load-out generally happens AFTER the show has ended… not two hours before doors have even opened. When asked for his name, he responded “Jesus Christ”. Robert reclaimed the guitar, calmly escorted him out, and security went after him. “Jesus never coming back”.

    Anyway, despite the aforementioned, inconvenient location, a large crowd was in attendance. BRMC debuted two songs, Bandung Hum and Haunt, both set to feature on the bands next album released next year. Opening with Bandung, it has that classic BRMC bluesy riff combined with Six Barrel Shotgun-esque vocals with Robert and Peter switching out chorus and verse. The rest of the set was greatest hits, featuring about two or three songs from each album.

    Really fun show! This was my first time seeing DFA and Deap Vally: both great bands and a good match for BRMC. You’ll often see bands that have a bloated number of members (i.e. do you really need three guitarists??) so to see three bands with a combined number of seven members total, sometimes less truly is more.

    Come back soon… maybe somewhere not so close to Toys ‘R Us.

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