May 12, 2008

Nerve Centre

Derry UK

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blackrebelbaby says+23 Votes UP / DOWN
This was a grinding, sweaty little affair...and it was absolutely blinding.

Tiny venue made the gig incredibly intimate, as did seeing the boys wandering about outside the bus just before the gig. Found lovely Peter sitting on the curb squinting at the sun, and he signed Baby 81 for me. The heat inside was oppressive - sweat was running off the boys in rivers, and Rob remarked that out of over 800 shows, that was the hottest one. Nick performed the whole thing topless, sadly the other two didnt follow suit.

The material was a great mix of old and new - In Like The Rose was a personal highlight. The crowd really got going on Ain't No Easy Way, and there was no looking back.

The heat really added to the overall sexiness of the show, especially during the really energetic numbers like Punk Song and Spread Your Love. The gig really showed how down-to-earth the guys are - they chatted with the crowd, threw water over us, and Rob leant right in and let himself be groped for a while. It was the best I've ever seen them - who's for round two??

Love Burns
Rise or Fall
Weapon of Choice
Ain't No Easy Way
In Like The Rose
6 Barrel Shotgun
Heart and Soul
666 Conducer
Fault Line (Peter solo)
Mercy (Rob solo)
Shuffle Your Feet
River Styx
American X
Punk Song
Spread Your Love
Steal a Ride
All You Do Is Talk

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