May 13, 2008

Rosin Dubh

Galway IE

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strangelove says+12 Votes UP / DOWN
It was great to see the lads come and do an Irish tour, I hope this is not the last as they have a great Irish following. The gig was as good as any other I've seen, although some technical glitches right from the chorus of the first song Love Burns nearly put a dampener on things. The only other issue of the night was that we missed out on hearing In Like the Rose, a song I have not yet had the chance to witness live, because Pete couldn�t get his effects setting just right.
Nick played a lot of the set in his leather hoody, which was some feat considering the heat in and outside of the venue. The sweat was dripping off of all the lads in buckets from very early on.
We were treated to an extra acoustic song not listed on the set list, A Fine Way to Lose. It was an amazing rendition and the lyrics spoke volumes for me, especially given the night I had. Rob�s version of Mercy also held the same amount of sadness & beauty and also struck a major chord with me on the night.
Apart from this quiet interval it was all guns blazing and all out rock n roll, mainly focusing on the first 2 albums. The crowd were as lively as I�ve ever seen a Galway crowd.
With any luck the lads will see the success of this Irish tour and will hopefully indulge us again with their presence around the country.

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